Bottom’s up!

No, this is not one of those “empty your alcohol glass as fast as you can” dare. It’s more of a “pull you pants down so I can stick this needle in your butt” dare. So how do I respond to such a powerful yet frightening order? I take my pants off and point my butt up in the air just so to relax the gluts muscles (bottom, derriere, ass, behind, butt, you get the idea) so the medication can release in the body well. I know some of you may find this type of dare a little extreme, but when one has spirochetes (borrelia burgdorferi) or cork screw like bacterium in one’s body and brain doing their best to shorten ones life, you pucker up and simply smile as the needle invades your being distributing what you hope to be the death announcement to the whole colony. There will be no funeral arrangements for any of them, no obituaries and no condolences delivered on any small or grand plan. There will be death only! And I’m okay with that, no really, I’m okay with it:)

Well, today’s IV treatment was as routine as the previous ones with one small surprise at the end, when the shot was administered in my behind instead of my deltoid (shoulder). I’m glad of that, since the shoulder ends up hurting me afterwards for a good five days. So far, my derriere has not complained once:)

I’m getting better:) As most of you already know Chet and I celebrated our 22 year anniversary on Saturday, and besides few errands we ended up in an Auburn festival for a half hour afterwords. THAT IS A BIG DEAL PEOPLE! I wasn’t able to take multiple stimulus before, only one at the time in a very mild format. Let me translate that to you; Good-by to fun, good-by to let’s hang out or let’s go out, good-by to crowds, stores, public places of any kind where people, lights and noises were involved. So yeh, this was a big deal, even if I lasted only a half hour, that’s a half hour longer than zero minutes:) Before this riding in the car was too much because of traffic, other cars, engine noise, blind spots, colors etc. So yeh!!!! Could no longer multi-task etc. Than I found out Chet wasn’t feeling well so we ended up back home taking it easy. Than Sunday, my daughter and I went to Target and I was inside for a whole hour!!! Let me translate that for you. It’s similar to saying we went to Paris for a week. So yep, I’m getting better:) Before this I never ventured in any public places without Chet by my side holing my hand the whole time, or my friend Elizabeth coming to me to every single doctor appointment. To be honest, there would never be a doctor appointment without my friend getting me there:)

Conclusion; getting better:)))))) Further developments on the story coming up next week:) Channel Carmen out:)

In America este o zicala “Fundul sus”, inseamna a goli paharul de alcol repede. Eu azi am fost cu fundul in sus, dar nu pentru a goli alcol dar pentru a primi injectie. Si desi nu mi-a placut pozitia, mi-a placut lichidul care intra in mine, medicamentul care mi-l imaginam cum anihileaza toate bacteriile si parazitii din corp. Binenteles, ca nu am nici un plan sa le fac inmormintare sau sa-i jelesc.

Ei bine, tratamentul de astăzi intravenos a fost la fel de rutină ca și cele anterioare, cu o mică surpriză la sfârșit, când mi sa administrat injectia in fund in loc de umar. Si-i bine ca si asa ma durea umarul vreo cinci zile dupa fiecare injectie, acuma sa nu ma doara …hmm… deocamdata nu da semn de durere si asta-i bine.

Dupa cum majoritatea dintre voi știți deja am sarbatorit 22 ani de casatorie Sâmbătă, și am fost la un festival local timp de o jumătate de oră. Asta este mare lucru!!!! Inainte nu puteam avea stimuli multiplii, doar unul si într-un format foarte ușoar. Permiteți-mi să traduc asta sa intelegeti; la revedere distractie, la revedere magazine, locuri publice, vizite cu prietenii multi unde erau zgomote si multa activitate.
Concluzie; ma fac bine, e incep procesul dar inaintez!!!!!

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