If I feel crummy, does that count? ? Daca ma simt nasol, conteaza

Yesterday I went to see Sharpy’s cousin again (IV treatment, minerals and Bio-Oxygen) and I found him in better spirits than last time. However, I don’t know what grudge he held against my nurse when he bit her (she poked herself while prepping my IV bag). That changed the course of who was going to poke me, fortunately it wasn’t as bad as expected. The whole shebang lasts a healthy three hours and some days I fell like I’m moving in. At least I didn’t have the eight-hour bag hooked to me, like I found out another patient had to do in the past. Well my blood was much darker than last time, and I raised my chest high with pride over that minute accomplishment only to deflate moments later when my nurse told me it’s not a good sign.

What? Why not?

It means you’re either low in oxygen, you’re fighting something or there’s too much iron in your blood. You want to see your blood nice and bright.

Come to think of it, I am fighting something, there is a low production of oxygen in my blood, as for the third reason, does it really matter? It’s only by God’s grace that I’m alive and healing.

However, today (the next day) I feel so crummy I think they should call this extra crummy with a side order of nausea, headaches or most likely migraine, fatigue, faint feeling, and very weak. I guess deep cleaning my house is out of the question for today:)))))))) As after the previous minerals and Bio- Oxygen IV, I had a fever before falling asleep, woke up around 2 am feeling like I was going to vomit and pass out from lack of fresh air. I needed cold air, for I felt too hot. Now, don’t go thinking I’m complimenting myself, I meant too warm:) The Shot-term memory is having a little troubles it seems too, but then again that could be a blessing in disguise, so I won’t remember all the things my kids do to annoy me. They seem to have an over qualification in this department. Shhh, so do I 😉 This is a typical after shock, in few days I’ll start feeling stronger. Until than, where is my bed!

On a different note, HAPPY B-DAY TO MY DAD!!!!!

Ieri, am participat intentionat intru-o alta repriza de Perfuzii (minerale si oxigen), cu efort minimalistic din partea mea:) Am stat in fotoliu trei ore atasata de noii mei prieteni, perfuziile. Singele mi-era mult mai inchis ca prima data si mi-am infoiat cheptul cu mindrie ca apart semne bune, numai sa mi se desumfle in citeva secunde odata ce asistenta mi-a zis ca nu-i semn asa bun. De ce? am intrebat eu. “Inseamna ca nu ai destul oxigen in singe, corpul se lupta cu o infectie sau ai prea mult fier in singe.” Am stiut ca nu am oxigen destul deasta ma voluntariez la perfuzii, corpul meu se lupat nu numai impotriva unei infectii ci impotriva unui batalion intreg de ingectii cit despre fier in singe… mai conteaza acuma detaliile astea mici. Numai cu ajutorul Bunului Dumnezeu sint in viata si ma pun incetul pe piciore:) Vad ca am un pic probleme sa retin memoriile sau informatii primite imediat (shot-term memory) dar am stiut ca drumul spre vindecare e pas cu pas. Ma mir ca inca imi aduc aminte cum sa scriu pe Romaneste si pe Engleza. Adevarat ca fac o gramada de greseli dar te mai uiti?

Azi (ca de obicei dupa perfuziile astea) imi vine sa ma urc pe pereti dar is prea slabita pentru asta:) Am dureri de cap angro, ma simt asa de slabita ca ma mir ca nu mi se inchid ochii automatic, am greturi si ma doare capul, am mai spus asta nu? Inseamna ca ma doare capul de doua ori mai mult decit restul simptomelor:))))))))))) Dar in vreo doua zile imi voi reveni si atunci sa vedeti actiune, fac mincare, spal rufe… ce ati crezut ca fac ceva fantastic? Si uite asa imi petrec eu zilele:))))

La multi ani la tata!!!!!

IMG_1138 IMG_1139 IMG_1140 IMG_1141When a problem is too close to home look up, there’s always a ray of sun God sends ready to strengthen  and warm you up:) Blood too dark. Medication so my blood would not coagulate as the nurse preps the minerals IV bag. Minerals IV.

Cind problemele sint prea apropiate de tine, priveste in sus, Dumnezeu trimite raze de soare sa te imputerniceasca si sa-ti aduca caldura in inima. Singele prea inchis. Medicament impotriva coagularii in timp ce asistenta pregateste cealalta perfuzie. Perfuzie de minerale. 

Let’s review:) Revizuire

One year ago October 2014-

Today October 2015- 🙂

Well, well, well, it’s been a while since I’ve done a post or recorded a video, and surprisingly I’m alright with that:) But today I must clarify few things since it seems I may have the gift of confusing people (and myself most days) with incomplete information. That’s because there’s a whole lot of conversation going on in my head so I figured you all can read minds thus I don’t need to bother with details;))))) It appears that I’m wrong. Go figure.

Let’s begin. They (meaning doctors who took bunch of my precious blood, examined it under microscopes only to find nasty things that didn’t belong in my body), came up with the diagnostic of NeuroLyme Disease (yep, that means the Central Nervous System got fired aka unreliable brain faculties, aka fart brain aka cucu brain, you get the drill) and as if that wasn’t enough I collected a colorful mix of co-infections (malaria, multiple infections, fungus, toxic poisonings parasites, low cellular oxygen level, to name a few aka almost dead from a total collapse of the immune system). I was not in good shape one bit, thus I hugged my bed weakly for months on end. I know some of you envy what it may seem like a relaxing time but don’t be fooled. It was not. Far from it. Once the diagnostics came so the opinions. After I changed my doctors as often as I do my socks (and that’s quite often:) I found one that’s great. It only took me one year, three months, thousands of lost dollars, and million of seconds spent in agony. That’s all. But than the insurance decided they are not going to cover 90% of these medical costs because…. it’s working!!!! Oh well, it’s not like I had a job to get back to (no longer working), a family to take care of and a life to live.

Treatments began and it can take up to 8 more moths for a full recovery. We began with four weeks of CNS and adrenal glands shots, (big needles tickling my back), than some oral medication (great tasting treats), than first round of IV treatment (my vein made a new friend I call him Sharpy). Now we began the second round of IV (Sharpy’s cousin:) Well, yesterday I was poked three times and one hour later the doctor brought the nurse in and she put Shapry’s cousin in my vein right away:) I don’t think I like Sharpy’s cousin:( Well after words on the way home I wasn’t quite sure if Elizabeth was real or a figment of my over stimulated imagination. Got home, hugged my couch, than realized I wanted cookies. So I made some, and my body began yelling at me to go rest, so I did, smiling because I had a cookie in my hand. The end:)