Let’s review:) Revizuire

One year ago October 2014-

Today October 2015- ūüôā

Well, well, well, it’s been a while since I’ve done a post or recorded a video, and surprisingly I’m alright with that:) But today I must clarify few things since it seems I may have the gift of confusing people (and myself most days) with incomplete information. That’s because there’s a whole lot of conversation going on in my head so I figured you all can read minds thus I don’t need to bother with details;))))) It appears that I’m wrong. Go figure.

Let’s begin. They (meaning doctors who took bunch of my precious¬†blood, examined it under microscopes only to find nasty things that didn’t belong in my body), came up with the diagnostic of NeuroLyme Disease (yep, that means the Central Nervous System got fired¬†aka unreliable brain faculties, aka fart brain aka cucu brain, you get the drill) and as if that wasn’t enough I¬†collected a colorful mix of¬†co-infections (malaria, multiple infections, fungus, toxic poisonings parasites, low cellular oxygen level, to name a few¬†aka almost dead from a total collapse of the immune system). I was not in good shape one bit, thus I hugged my bed weakly for months on end. I know some of you envy what it may seem like a¬†relaxing¬†time but don’t be fooled. It was not. Far from it. Once the diagnostics came so the opinions. After I changed my doctors as often as I do my socks (and that’s quite often:) I found one that’s great. It only took me one year, three months, thousands of lost dollars, and million of seconds spent in agony. That’s all. But than the insurance decided they are not going to cover 90% of these medical costs because…. it’s working!!!! Oh well, it’s not like I had a job to get back to (no longer working), a family to take care of and a life to live.

Treatments began and it¬†can take up to 8 more moths for a full recovery. We began with four weeks of CNS and adrenal glands¬†shots, (big needles tickling my back), than some oral medication (great tasting treats), than first round of IV treatment (my vein made a new friend I call him Sharpy). Now we began the¬†second round of IV (Sharpy’s cousin:) Well, yesterday I was poked three times and one hour later the doctor brought the nurse in and she put Shapry’s cousin in my vein right away:) I don’t think I like Sharpy’s cousin:( Well after words on the way home I wasn’t quite sure if Elizabeth was real or a figment of my over stimulated imagination. Got home, hugged my couch, than realized I wanted cookies. So I made some, and my body began yelling at me to go rest, so I did, smiling because I had a cookie in my hand. The end:)



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