Well, Well Do I have some good news for you!

Damean family (my maiden name, thus my brothers, sisters, in laws, parents) are celebrating big time! My baby sister Oana gave birth yesterday to twin girls! Yep, you read correctly- TWIN GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m over the moon and walking on clouds. And we all needed this, after finding out that my grandma on my father’s side died on Sunday and one of my brother is suspect for TB (tuberculosis). Thank you God for such precious blessings coming in our midst, we’re celebrating big, by preparing a work load for Thanksgiving:) If I drank alcohol I would get drunk now, but I feel drunk anyway, alcohol free, just from pure happiness:)

Rebeca and Sara, were born yesterday around 2:25 pm,  Rebeca at 4 pounds 9 oz and 17 inches long and Sarah at 5 pounds 5 oz and 17 inches long, in two and a half hours, natural birth, healthy babies, healthy mama, thank you God! They make number 16 and 17 in grandkids. They were born in Germany:)

About any of my health updates… who cares! I have twin nieces!!!!!!!!!!

Rebeca to the left (eyes open) and Sarah to the right (crying)

Sarah’s always hungry:) Rebeca just ate:)

Sarbatoare mare in familie la noi!!!!!!! Au venit gemenele!!!!!! Sora mea mica Oana a nascut ieri la 11.45 seara in Germania doua fetite gemene, si aveam nevoie de asa celebrare dupa ce aflasem ca Duminica bunica din partea tatalui nostru a murit.

Rebeca are 2260g si 45cm iar Sara 2520g si 45 cm, nastere naturala far complicatii. Doamne mare esti si-ti multumim mult:))))))))) Acuma parintii au 17 nepoti. (Desi ei sint in drum spre Moldova la inmormintare).

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