It’s the state that describes me at the moment. Tomorrow I’m going to see one of my best friends, Elizabeth. All morning long I’ve made little mistakes, you know, the kind everyone makes when they happily look forward to something and stop paying attention to what they’re doing. Yep, those kinds of mistakes. As for my health… it’s all good:) No more IV’s now, only supplements and a good diet, but mostly a lack of fear towards living life. Have a great weekend:)

First day in America

23 years ago, on October 15, 1993, I stepped off the plane and on American soil for the first time in my life. I was newly married and leaving my homeland, following my husband to his homeland. Well, my mother-in-law called and congratulated me two days ago on our coming anniversary, something I completely forgot about. Thank God she keeps scores of my life:) So, as a “hey congrats to you”, my wedding ring ( and I have absolutely no clue how it happened, just looked down on my finger when something felt funny) broke today. I wore that ring the past 20 years. Yehh, I know, you’re doing the math and something does not add up. Chet gave me the ring on one of our early anniversaries. I guess, it’s time for a new one:)

Well, on a different note, there’s a storm going on in Seattle and most people seem freaked out. I made a big pot of chicken dumpling soup so we’re set for now. I hope you have a great evening, stay safe and warm and God bless:)