First day in America

23 years ago, on October 15, 1993, I stepped off the plane and on American soil for the first time in my life. I was newly married and leaving my homeland, following my husband to his homeland. Well, my mother-in-law called and congratulated me two days ago on our coming anniversary, something I completely forgot about. Thank God she keeps scores of my life:) So, as a “hey congrats to you”, my wedding ring ( and I have absolutely no clue how it happened, just looked down on my finger when something felt funny) broke today. I wore that ring the past 20 years. Yehh, I know, you’re doing the math and something does not add up. Chet gave me the ring on one of our early anniversaries. I guess, it’s time for a new one:)

Well, on a different note, there’s a storm going on in Seattle and most people seem freaked out. I made a big pot of chicken dumpling soup so we’re set for now. I hope you have a great evening, stay safe and warm and God bless:)

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