But Without Exception They All Began To Make Excuses

It may as well say: But without exception, WE all began to make excuses. Luke 14:18

This morning I have been awakened by a friend. I guess, a little unbeknown to me, I’ve been dwindling in some regression steps, due to confusion, disappointment and who knows what else in my walk on this earth with my friend God. I know, some of you may have rolled your eyes just now, as I too have done this many times in the past upon hearing such expression. And yet, he, I mean God, is the only one that keeps coming back for me after every tantrum, either through my great husband Chet or, like today, through a friend. And in the face of such love I can only shed tears of joy and thankfulness.

You see, the verse quoted above includes me as well. I’m sure you find yourself among those lines, among the past or present memories. It’s not easy walking in a broken body or a wounded mind, but it’s not impossible either. I allowed some recent symptoms to trigger old fears.

“I am no longer sick” it should mean “I no longer have symptoms.” At least in my book. Don’t be alarmed, the symptoms are mild, and I’m taking actions, the fear, however, is the one I must conquer constantly. As should you.

But how do I keep spreading the good in me without allowing the bad to enter in? My friend responded and I quote:”I think the only way is by opening ourselves up to God’s love. His illumination is what brings that deeper part of ourselves more and more into focus. Yes, the path through which love flows out of the heart is the same path by which it enters. And I believe that flow is actually one single movement, not two.” Brilliant.

Winter time is harder on anyone fighting an immune system disease, especially those in a chronic state and though I find myself poorly qualified to encourage anyone of you, please do fight, and learn to recognize and love the moments of peace and love sent your way by none other than God. Inside yourself, a strong warrior slashes faithfully all your enemies, give it the cheer it deserves. You are far stronger than you see yourself.

I thank God for all of you, even if for the selfish reason that my life is far better with you in it, I’m still thankful:) Have a blessed day.

P.S. Recently I’ve begun a new protocol of flower essence, in addition to everything else I’m doing and noticed small improvements. It’s been only three days. I’m adding info below if you want to go checking out yourself.



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