2016 Highlights

Some of the fears and hurts I wanted to overcome this year.

To not allow this sickness to define me as a sick person. I did not call it my sickness, my Lyme Disease, My NeuroLyme or My Coinfections. I did small things that took great effort but did it anyway.

To not allow this sickness to limit my potential as a human being. I no longer could do massage or any strenuous activities for longer periods of time (some days 20 min. was too long) so I did them slower, fragmented them, I accepted help and I redirected my focus towards writing and editing the Romanian version of a book I wrote.

To not allow this sickness to trap me into a victim mentality individual. This one is a hard one. The mind has a tendency to re-wire and build a new normal where we end up accepting some pain that signals danger as part of health. I fight with this one regularly but I constantly readjust myself. As a result, we; sold out house in June, rid ourselves of 80% of material stuff, moved into a 900 square feet apartment in Queen Anne SeattleĀ moved again in October to an apartment with more windows and natural light and loved every minute of it. We have less stuff, more time with each other and a lifestyle we used to dream about. We did it. Our girl is in college, our little boy in a good school and school club our eldest son works at Amazon. I distanced myself from toxic people so I can heal. We did all these things while I was still on treatment, IV’s included.

So don’t give up, at whatever level you are today, but readjust and keep on fighting:)

Have a great day and with God on our side, all things are possible.