2016 Highlights

Some of the fears and hurts I wanted to overcome this year.

To not allow this sickness to define me as a sick person. I did not call it my sickness, my Lyme Disease, My NeuroLyme or My Coinfections. I did small things that took great effort but did it anyway.

To not allow this sickness to limit my potential as a human being. I no longer could do massage or any strenuous activities for longer periods of time (some days 20 min. was too long) so I did them slower, fragmented them, I accepted help and I redirected my focus towards writing and editing the Romanian version of a book I wrote.

To not allow this sickness to trap me into a victim mentality individual. This one is a hard one. The mind has a tendency to re-wire and build a new normal where we end up accepting some pain that signals danger as part of health. I fight with this one regularly but I constantly readjust myself. As a result, we; sold out house in June, rid ourselves of 80% of material stuff, moved into a 900 square feet apartment in Queen Anne Seattle¬†moved again in October to an apartment with more windows and natural light and loved every minute of it. We have less stuff, more time with each other and a lifestyle we used to dream about. We did it. Our girl is in college, our little boy in a good school and school club our eldest son works at Amazon. I distanced myself from toxic people so I can heal. We did all these things while I was still on treatment, IV’s included.

So don’t give up, at whatever level you are today, but readjust and keep on fighting:)

Have a great day and with God on our side, all things are possible.


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