God Bless America and the new US President

Today is a historical day as the 45th elect president Donald Trump has been sworn in. I watched with a smile on my face, yet a bit saddened to see President Obama’s turn end. I realize this is such a sensitive time for some, and even though I too was surprised Trump won, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he’ll do a great job. I’m aware mistakes will be made just as all preceding presidents have had their fare share of mistakes. However, I like to focus on what he could accomplish as president and hopefully great things will follow. Time will tell.

Here in Seattle there are few protests against Trump. Now how is that helping this country? I’m very surprised with the Hillary supporters or Democratic Party (I’m not part of any parties) that pride themselves on their intelect yet responding to the new president  with such hostility. Just saying. Surprised.

Well in the history of America today is a historical day as president Trump, the 45th US president starts his four year run.

God Bless America and the new US President Donald Trump.

For Linda Schrott

Since couple of weeks ago when I saw the battle Linda’s in, I went through multiple emotional, as we often do when we hear someone we like is going through a very hard battle. Linda is one of the brightest smiles I’ve ever met. We met in CFC church and her smile stuck in my heart. Seeing her fight cancer is painful.

Linda, if you’ll ever read this, you’re not alone in the fight. I may not be close enough to hold your hand and drag the IV around while cracking bad jokes, but I am praying for you daily and my heart just can’t stop not thinking about you. The Lord is your shepherd and  even though you walk through the darkest valley, you’re not alone and never will you be, for God, the most important being in this world is right there with you. I’m on the other side of the valley and I can tell you one sure thing: I’ve made it only because of God’s love and everyone else’s love. Keep on fighting this isideous enemy and know that you have many people on your side, praying.

Love you, and I’m sorry for the pain.

Love Carmen

Treating neurologicly/ Tratam neurologic

I’ve had a few appointments today, one and IV, one a follow-up. The results: Babesia flaring up, neurological issues. (Details  on the Home page). New treatment, new battle strategy fantastic hope;) Other than that I’m great and the family is doing well, except Chet’s fighting a nasty flue:(

Have a fantastic day! I sure am having one:))

Am abut o programare azi cu doctorul si o perfuzie. Diagnostic: Parazitul de Babesia si-a facut din nou prezenta si probleme neurologice (detalii la pagina de HOME, si in engleza sint mai bune). Tratament nou si mergem inainte plini de bucuria zilei de azi multumind lui Dumnezeu pentru toate:)

The Four Angels/ Cei patru ingeri

If God is not real who were the four beings in the four corners of my room guarding me for months during the worst time of my life? From whom were they guarding me? And why did I need guarding?


These are questions for those of you who doubt. I had my moments of such doubt, but then I realized one very important thing: I was doubting the religion of God and it’s ineffective ways, what I didn’t bother to do is take time to know the real God, the one away from man-made religion, the one and only, call it what you want, I call him God.

Very few people really know us. Right? Any that do, it’s because they took the time to know us. Most people talk about us as if they really know us, and most times they are wrong about us. Isn’t that so? They never took the time, for whatever reason, to really know us and vice-versa.  So, is there a possibility that you may not know the real God but you may only know the religion of God?

Those four beings, tall and powerful, knew someone that knew me and loved me and made sure I was protected. I call him God.


Dacă Dumnezeu nu este real, cine au fost cele patru ființe în cele patru colțuri ale camerei mele care m-au păzit luni de zile în timpul cel mai grav al vieții mele? De cine mă păzeau ei? Și de ce aveam nevoie de pază?

Acestea sunt cîteva întrebări pentru cei care se îndoiesc de existența lui Dumnezeu. Am avut momentele mele de dubiu în trecut, dar mi-am dat seama de un lucru foarte important: îndoielile mele erau la adresa religiei de Dumnezeu și ale căilor ei ineficiente, dar nu m-am deranja să îmi fac timp pentru a cunoaște pe adevăratul Dumnezeu, cel care nu are deaface cu căile religioase inventate de om. 

Foarte puțini oameni ne cunosc cu adevărat. Nu-i așa? Dar cei care ne cunosc, ne cunosc  pentru că și-au facut timp și au pus efort în a ne cunoaște, și invers. Cei mai mulți oameni vorbesc de noi ca și cum ne cunosc cu adevărat dar de cele mai multe ori nu ne cunosc de loc. Nu-i așa? Deci, există posibilitate de a nu-l cunoaște pe adevăratul Dumnezeu, ci doar o fațadă religioasă a lui Dumnezeu.

Acele patru ființe, înalte și puternice, îl cunoșteau pe cel care mă cunoaște pe mine și care mă iubește și m-au protejat sub direcția celui care mă cunoaște cu adevărat. Eu îl numesc Dumnezeu. Dumnezeul Bibliei, nu a religiei. 

Don’t worry, it’s a new year, what can go wrong? Versiune si in Romana.

Right? Ha, ha, ha.

A new year means new hope but if we’re dragging with us the old way of thinking, this new year will quickly become the same-old stuff.

I’m looking for a part-time job and when I say part time, I mean very much part-time job, preferably work from home. Yes, I’m getting better with remnants of reality check now and then. Like today. I woke up, half blind, nausea, headache, sensitivity to light and noise and so fatigued I think I borrowed my neighbor’s heart to keep me going:) However…I pulled out a new lego set, sat down and while playing (my new therapy) I began thanking God for what I had left and functional:))) Like my brain faculties for one, now taking me down the list of possible causes for me hugging the floors. I’m on toxicity removal treatment and this could’ve been just a herx reaction. For those who’ve had one, you’re probably laughing at the word “just”, because a herx reaction feels like you’re dying and there isn’t much anyone can do, besides keeping you stable until it passes.

“Just ride the waves, Carmen, tomorrow it will be a good day but today just ride the waves and remember, everything is temporary, even pain.” That’s what I told myself and when I felt well enough to hold it together I walked to Trader Joe and shopped for dinner thankful on the outside I looked alright and no one knew the pain going on inside.

So, I’m looking for a part-time job, writing two novels and thanking God because I’m alive to be able to feed my family one more home cooked meal, that will taste delicious, if I may say so myself:) And, one more thing: Hi Gabi!!!!!!


What Is A Herxheimer Reaction?

The technical definition for a Herxheimer Reaction (i.e., herxing or die off) is the release of endotoxins from the destroyed cell walls of the bacteria responsible for Lyme Disease, Borrelia Burgdorferi, that causes an additional inflammatory response (i.e., debilitating physical and mental state) contingent to the amount of endotoxins released, which is directly correlated to the amount of Lyme bacteria killed (i.e., lysed).
Am intrat intr-un an nou, dar asta nu inseamna ca am intrat intr-un an fara durere. Dar daca aducem cu noi felul vechi de gindire, unii din noi nu vom avea un an bun. 
Anul asta voi incerca sa-mi gasesc de lucru, o zi pe saptamina, si vom merge inainte. Lucrez la doua carti si sper sa termin una sau poate amindoua pina la sfirsitul anului. 
Azi m-am sculat jumate oarba, cu greturi imense, dureri de cap, sensibilitate la lumina si sunet si atit de obosita, cred ca am imprumutat inima vecinei sa pot functiona. Sint pe tratament de detoxificare si probabil ca a avut deaface cu asta. Dar i-am multumit Bunului Dumnezeu pentru partile care inca functionau bine si mi-am zis cu voce tare de citeva ori:
“Carmen, azi va trece, char daca mai greu, dar va trece si miine va fi o zi mai buna. Totul e temporar, pina si durerea e temporara.” 
Mai tirziu am mers la magazinul de alimente de la parter sa fac cumparaturi pentru cina: pireu cu pui si asparagus si salata de rosii si castraveti:)
Domnul e bun, si uite asa pot face o mincare buna pentru familie si mergem inainte pina imi va spune El: Pina aici a fost Carmen:) Dar pina atunci, traiesc viata ca sa nu regret ca nu am trait darul asta minunat dat de Dumnezeu numit viata:)