God Bless America and the new US President

Today is a historical day as the 45th elect president Donald Trump has been sworn in. I watched with a smile on my face, yet a bit saddened to see President Obama’s turn end. I realize this is such a sensitive time for some, and even though I too was surprised Trump won, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he’ll do a great job. I’m aware mistakes will be made just as all preceding presidents have had their fare share of mistakes. However, I like to focus on what he could accomplish as president and hopefully great things will follow. Time will tell.

Here in Seattle there are few protests against Trump. Now how is that helping this country? I’m very surprised with the Hillary supporters or Democratic Party (I’m not part of any parties) that pride themselves on their intelect yet responding to the new president  with such hostility. Just saying. Surprised.

Well in the history of America today is a historical day as president Trump, the 45th US president starts his four year run.

God Bless America and the new US President Donald Trump.

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