Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!!!!! It’s funny seeing all the buzz here in town, bouquet of flowers sold, balloons and cards picked as most people have someone  to shower them with love. Today I was reminded yet again about the difference between where we used to live and where we leave now. The choice of Valentines Cards in this particular store i went to was downright depressing. It seems that in Seattle the main theme during Valentines is to be vulgar, sarcastic and crass to your loved one, at least from the choices of Valentine’s Cards. I managed to find a cute one for Chet and I sure hope he’ll find a great one for me, if not, I totally understand. I saw the poor choices I had to work with.

I smile but I mourn as well. I can’t help it. Today Linda Lothrop Schrott lost her life to cancer. I met Linda in CFC (Christian Faith Center) church and from the get go I liked her. It was her Italian charm and big smile and she just seemed to radiate love all around her. One meets such a person few times in their lives and that’s enough. I’ve had that privilege. I knew her briefly but that was enough to imprint a fond memory in my soul. So between tears, I’m planing the dinner for tonight and the dessert, because for the rest of us still have to go on living realizing just how short and fragile this life can be and what a blessing it is we’re still here making memories and hopefully living a good life.

Once again, Happy Valentine’s Day from us to you guys and don’t forget to smile despite the tears that may invade our lives at times. I will forever miss Linda and I’m so great full I  knew her:)

God Bless.