Cele Trei Ginduri

In viata suntem bombardati zilnic de ginduri negative, atit cele de la sine cit si de la cei din jur. Ce ne-a vorbit Dumenzeu in Biblie incepe sa fie dovedit stiintific si anume; cum gindim dirijeaza nivelul de sanatate pe plan trupesc, sufletesc si spiritual.

Dar daca zilnic decidem sa ne gindim la trei lucruri pozitive care ne aduc bucurie in suflet si trup si spirit, inzdravenim sistemul imun, imputernicim sistemul cardiovascular si traim mai mult.

  1. Azi ma bucur de soarele de pe fata mea, ca imi dau seama ca aduce sanatate la toti si e un dar de la Dumnezeu.
  2. Darul de iertare. Am esuat la capitolul asta ani de zile, desi mi-as fi dorit sa am success. Nu am stiut ce inseamna a ierta dar mai mult de atit, nu am crezut ca altul care mi-a facut rau merita iertarea mea. Ufta:) Dupa ce am cazut la pat pe prag de moarte Dumenzeu mi-a aratat ceva ce inainte eu nu am bagat de seama sau as fi crezut daca alt om mi-at fi zis. “Carmen, tu singura te-ai pus in pragul primejdiei. Ti-ai slabit sistemul imun pentru ca nu ai iertat si ai dus boala de minie in inima  atita timp ca acuma si daca ai vrea nu stii cum sa uiti pe altul care te-a ranit.” Am stiut ca adevarul lui Dumnezeu a expus ceva din mine. Dar de atunci, cu ajutorul lui Dumnezeu (voi explica mai bine in viitoarea carte care o voi scrie) am inceput sa iert inainte ca minia sa-si impleteasca ghiarele in jurul inimii mele.
  3. Chet, sotul meu. Este un om intelept si minunat si ma bucur de prezenta lui in viata mea zilnic:)img_5529
  4. Care sint cele trei ginduri pozitive in viata voastra? Ca si muschii corpului trebuie repetate zilnic:) O zi binecuvintata va dorest la toti:)

Tree Daily Thoughts Towards a Happy Soul

Daily we must fight against some type of negativity, that comes either from within us or from around us. Research is being done, even if it’s infancy stage, proving how important forgiveness and contentment is for a strong immune system and a longer life.

One simple step towards such health is the daily three positive thoughts about your day. This can be done in a written form or mental form. Here I go.

  1. Sun on my face! It reminds me that life thrives when sun bathes us all with a powerful source of life and health, improving our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
  2. Forgiveness. I used to have a verryyyyyyyy hard time with this one, was very ill equipped and very unsuccessful in this area. But I got cured of that thanks to almost dying. Yes I’m thankful, because I have a new view on life and never been happier with my life than right now. I keep on forgiving now before bitterness has a chance to wrap it’s tentacles around my heart. I’m not an expert, I’m still a student but I love the effects of forgiveness.
  3. My husband. He’s a great man, a great person and I’ve learned a lot from him. He really does balance me. I didn’t see it that way earlier in our marriage, because I allowed my insecurities turn into stupid mountains of nonsense. What a waste of time fighting over nothing. But now I see the things I did not back then, and although he’s not perfect (neither am I), I really like his differences. It brings the unexpected in our relationship.
  4. img_5415 How about you? What are your daily three positive thoughts you will tell yourself to see the effects of happiness and contentment take hold in your heart. And just like a muscle it takes persistence and perseverance.