The Message

Let the tears be of nothing else, but joy.

I got a message few minutes ago. It didn’t arrive through the internet, or regular mail, not through a text or a card. It came through man, from God’s heart. I’m aware some of you have doubts regarding this subject. It makes no difference to me; I still believe. In man I once lost trust in, clearly God’s trying to rebuild that. In this particular instance the man I’m talking about, I trust. But man -as in humanity- has a vast thirst of tearing its own specie apart, and simultaneously has the vast ability of building it back up.

The message was clear: there’s more pain behind me than ahead, the coast line is now in view and the vast waters once full of treacherous waves of pain are mostly behind me. I look back now and than only to reflect through how much I’ve traveled, and the ship I’ve been on for far too long has entered calmer waters. The coast is in view. Healing is within reach.

Let the tears be of nothing else, but joy.

Starting dental work is taking me on another spin, strangly familiar, and far too painful to call it victory. Old symptoms resurface and old doubts can, if I were to let them, cause a substacial amount of damage. But I don’t, regardless. The pain will not define my future, I will define my future, despite the weary soul. The message came, like fresh water in a desert, to heal, to encourage and to bring hope. And for that I have no one else to thank, except God.

Thank you, GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now and forever.

The coast line is in view:)

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