Because I’m chatty today:)

I don’t like dogs. Not really. Some dogs, have a pleasant -even cute- exterior appearance with great personalities. Others, quite the opposite. They possess an ugly face and an even uglier personality. Despite what their owners say.

So it may come as a surprise -both to you and I- to tell you that I have a dog. Rocky, is a mix of Jack Russell and chihuahua (someone had a twisted idea there), but he may as well be a mix of trouble and stubbornness. Shockingly, I like him. Some days, at least. The trouble-maker part within him is both endearing to me (yeh, we all have issues) and obnoxious. Among many things (he enjoys licking his testicles and other dog’s urine, smelling other dog’s buts, eating vomit, going through the trash, ripping toilet paper just because, looking you in the eye and going for the very thing he’s not suppose to do, etc), one thing in particular I don’t get; the trouble he goes to to find the absolute nicest spot of the lushest lawn, only to deficate on it. As if to say ‘here’s what I think of all your hard work’.

Well, today I’m chatty.

Coming from another IV (back on weekly IV treatments due to the dental necessary that began last month), where I had the privilege to be poked three times, before victory was silently celebrated within my soul. I have been high on fever the past four weeks or so, a fact easily ignored these days by me. I’m making new friends (not intentionally), but it seems a camaraderie must be built once one’s hooked to a needle and a tube full of medicine. So I join in, somedays half heartedly, other days full of life as if it’s my destiny to be their leader, or something like that:) I feel pain all around me, and I’m not exaggerating. I do have the previlage to feel other’s pain, something I find more troublesome that pleasant. I am aware of the pain my brother Iuli’s going through due to a kidney stone he has not passed yet, or my siste-in-law, Adina, who hurt today, or my mother who’se weekly dialysis are another reminder how her own body is failing her. However, despite it all, we -the family- laugh often, (united by our pain), mostly making fun of our own weaknesses and troubles, with such vibrancy it catapults us forward and right smack in the heart of life. But most importantly, to us anyway, God’s there too, everyday, laughing with us while enjoying our strenght and beautiful lives and at times, when the situation demands it, crying silently beside us, simply present through it all.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I’m chatty today. Simple as that:) Have a great day today and God Bless:)


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