Swab sample under the microscope (gum infection)

For all the mothers- or parents- out there that can’t get your kids to brush their teeth, this may help, or this could simply gross them out yet scare them into action. The video is a sample swab-view under the microscope- of active gum infection. A high risk sample. 4/25/2017

I’ve added this simply because I can’t add it in the, Home page, where all the medical details of my whole healing process are listed. Lots of flossing and rinsing with water and baking soda to bring a normal PH level in my mouth. Also oxygenated Olive Oil paste, a PH balanced tooth paste with baking soda and a oral irrigator are part of the treatment. I do have fun killing them all. My gums are no longer bleeding and the pain has reduced by half. Happy brushing and God Bless.

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