The Power of Peace

My upbringing lacked peace just like a garden lacks water during a drought- a mercilessly long drought. The peace I lacked was foreign to me- a notion I read about it now and then or heard of it from people’s mouths- and would remain foreign for years to come.

What is peace? I’ve asked myself often but never seemed to quite understand the answer. Soon I gathered, I wasn’t alone in my search. We all want peace. Very few find it. What is it? Where do we get it? Why do we feel it’s necessary to our wellbeing?

I found out, when one’s mind is clouded with many uncertainties, one can’t recognize peace. Peace is the opposite of fear, just as love is the opposite of hate, yet hate, has it’s roots planted in fear. We fear ourselves more than anyone else. We fear our vulnerabilities, our weakness, our worth, our lack of endurance, our inability to react properly according to the situation etc, and those fears chase the peace out of our hearts and minds quicker than a store owner chases a thief out. We fear far too much with far too little evidence to do so. Also, there’s a neurological mystery here as well, knowledge newly discovered but not entirely understood and highly rejected by the western medicine. I’m writing a book, a Part Two, so-to-speak, where I’ll go in greater details to what God’s shown me during my prolonged time of frail health regarding the connection between our thought and our health overall.

Peace is void of fear. Good luck with that, right? Void of fear begins with forgiveness-a continual and exhaustingly satisfying process- a necessity of life. The power of peace begins with the willingness to forgive. And the need to do it. Period. No buts, ifs or whys.

Above it all, we fear death. And there’s nothing we can do about it, yet we still fear, cutting our life span shorter and, inevitably, meeting the faze we fear so much that much sooner-death.

Forgive everyone and start with yourself, than go live life well, enjoy it’s blessings and don’t hurt others. Choose life; it’s something God advised us to do. Just choose. And be thankful:) In all of this you’ll begin to find peace, but the moment you decide you’re more  important than the human next to you- a fear of self-worth reaction- you’ll lose it. There’s more to say yet, not much more for those who see it.

God Bless:)

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