The Ash

Today I woke up to ash falling outside like soft snow, in Seattle. My patio is covered in ash, my furniture inside has a thin ash layer and the smoke smell is quite heavy. Despite the predicted 94 F temperature, it was smoggy with a dark orange glow troughout the day, temperatures hitting only 84F. I can’t close the windows because it’s too hot and we sneeze and pray for rain. This is the second smoke wave, first one came from Canada’s fires and today from the Oregon and northers Washington fires. During Canada’s fires we woke up to what looked like heavy fog that lasted a good three-four days. The Oregon fires brought on the ash and the orange glow in the air, and Chet began sneezing, the kids closed their windows preferring a stuffy room over the ash in the air and all over their furniture.

I think and pray for the people close to it all. All I have to endure is a layer of ash and a foul smell, while others had endured far more.

God, bring on the rain.

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