Carmen cea…


Prima fotografie: eu in clasa a 12-a

A doua fotografie: Eu cu Chet chiar inainte de nunta, 1993.

A treia fotografie: ei cu Chet acuma o luna:) 2017

Carmen cea, ce, care, de ce si cum? Am prea multe porecle: Visatoarea, Scriitoarea, Capitanul, Luptatoara si Pintesa de Gheata. Ultima, dupa cum va da-ti seama, e datorita caracterului meu calduros:))))

De a scrie despre propria-ti fiinta este un proces care-i usor deceptiv. Ori scrii prea partinitor ori esti prea aspra asupra-ti proprii fiinte.

Nascuta prima la doisprezece frati si surori, din prima suflare pe acest pamint am avut de luptat. M-am nascut cu ceva probleme de sanatate si mi-a trebuit injectii de vitamina D si fier din start. Aceste probleme ia dat doctorului care m-a adus pe lume o idee, si a incercat sa o convinga pe mama mea sa ma omoare, un fel de avort dupa nastere. Mama, femeie cu frica de Dumnezeu, a refuzat categoric. Ura asupra crestinilor a fost a-l doilea motiv a doctorului. Eram un pui de crestin, parte dintr-o grupa a societatii mult urita de ateistii la putere.

Un suflet sensibil, am adunat in sufletul meu durerea altora, ca si cum viata mea depindea de a elimina suferintele altora. Abuzul societatii l-am inteles; eram pocaiti si multi ne ura, dar abuzul tatalui nu l-am inteles multi ani. Intr-un camin unde trebuia sa ne fi simtit in siguranta, tata a devenit inamicul numarul unul, fulgering orice intelegere in inima mea a unui camin de siguranta. Am respirat si am mincat frica zilnic, lucru care mi-a daunat in sanatate, in intelegerea mea spirituala fata de Dumnezeu, si fata de adaptarea in general in societate. Noi nu am fost educati, in schim am fost abuza-ti. Cartile mi-au fost mie refugiu si acolo am gasit o lume a imaginatiei, unde puteam visa fara frica.

Fiind cea mai mare, nu am avut copilarie sau adolescenta, ci am lucrat foarte mult.

Dupa liceu, nu mi sa dat voie sa merg al facultate din cauza sexului meu (pentru ca eram fata) si datorita lipsei de bani, lucru care ma umplut de ura, pe moment. Am intrat direct la lucru ca vinzatoare de suc si inghetata, pe timpul acela la moda, si am avut prima mea experienta cu un sef tare de treaba. Intr-un fel nenea Vasile, nestiut de el, mi-a devenit imaginea pozitiva de tata. Lucram 10-12 ore pe zi si eram fericita.

Dumezeu pentru mine, pe acea perioada de timp, nu era decit un tiran, agitat si plin de furie tot timpul, si fara pic de mila. Nu vroiam sa am nimic de a face cu un asa monstru, lucrul care nu l-am putut discuta cu nimeni pe acea perioada. Dar, dupa revolutie, cind un misionar a venit in vizita si a inceput sa vorbeasca despre toate experientele lui personale cu Dumenzeu, Isus si Duhul Sfint, am vazut o latura a lui Dumenezeu foarte diferita de cea predicata de la amvon. Latura asta era a lui Isus din Noul Testament, a unui Dumnezeu a miracolelor dar mai ales a dragostei. Inima mi sa deschis in seara aceea, si ma simteam ca Maria la piciorele lui Isus absorbita in cele auzite. Libera, si fara nici o tactica de manipulare am ales in acea seara o relatie cu Dumnezeu, care pina-n ziua de azi e prezenta:) De atunci viata, desi grea in anumite momente, a avut o latura frumoasa.

In 1993, am intilnit un misionar chipes care m-a salvat, pe mai multe lature:) Chet, American get-pe-get, a venit inapoi in August si am facut nunta desi nu puteam vorbi unul cu altul. In Otombrie am plecat in America si a fost cea mai grea perioada din viata mea; nu din cauza lui Chet, mai degraba faptului ca-mi lasam familia in urma neprotejata, si tot odata intram intr-o lume straina in care nu cunosteam pe nimeni. Nu pretind ca a fost usor, dar am trecut si de perioada aceea. Numai romanii plecati in strainatate pot intelege cit de greu este.

In 1995 am avut primul copil, un baiat pe care l-am numit Merrill dupa socrul meu, in 1996 am avut-o pe Meleah si in 2003 l-am nascut pe Alex, care i-am dat un nume mai usor de pronuntat pentru familia mea din Romania:)

Am lucrat ca babysitter, ca invatatoare, ca vinzatoare la Gap, ca agent de cumparare-vinzare a caselor, ca scriitoare si ca terapist de masaj.

In 2014, am cazut la pat cu o boala care aproape mi-a luat viata, de la o muscatura de capuse, si lupt de atunci sa ma refac, un proces mult prea lent pentru o personalitate nerabdatoare ca a mea. Ii multumesc lui Dumnezeu zilnic pentru fiecare zi traita pe acest pamint, si ma multumesc cu lucruri simple:) Inca am nevoie de multa odihna si in ultimele trei saptamini am avut iara un val de slabiciune cu symtomele de la malarie, de asta am avut timp sa scriu atita:))) Cind ma simt bine mi-e greu sa stau locului pentru ca sint nerabdatoare sa traiesc viata din plin, sau cel putin plinul care-l pot la momentul de fata.

De cind m-am nascut Dumnezeu a fost de partea mea. Pe urma la trimis pe Chet sa fie exemplu a dragostei lui si uite asa, Dumnezeu, Chet si cu mine mergem inainte si ne bucuram mult de cadoul numit- viata:)

L-am intrebat o data Pe Dumnezeu, de ce m-a adus in America.

“Sa-ti salvez viata.” A fost raspunsul.

Carmen the…


First picture; left to right, me in my second or third grade, clearly uncomfortable:)

Second picture; Chet and I on our wedding day. The malnourishment made me light:)

Third picture; my family as of last week, Chet, Merrill, Alex and Meleah:)

Writing about one self its a bit deceiving; you’re either too biased or too hard on yourself and overall one sided.

I’ve had a few nick-names so its hard to pick just one. Is it Carmen the Dreamer, the Writer, the Fighter, the Captain or the Ice Queen? It’s all of them, I suppose.

Born the first of twelve siblings, my life was both wonderful and hard. My birth wasn’t without its challenges. Shots of Vit. D and Iron for the first year or so, along other health issues somehow gave the doctor the right to pressure my mother into killing me. It wasn’t just my health issues that triggered such a decision but compiled to that it was his deep hatered towards christians. You see, I was a seedling of a very hated group of people in my part of the world at the time and I was not alone. In an atheistic world, being born a Christian was dangerous, and we have the scars to prove it.

A “sensitive soul”, with an over-developed ability or gift of empathy I collected other’s pain in my heart as if my life depended on it. The society’s abuse towards us made sense to me- we were a moral danger to a movement that thrived on egocentricity and cruelty. But our father’s abuse towards us never made sense to me. In times when one must stick with each other in an environment called “home”, meaning “safe”, he became our number one enemy, burning all my ideologies on “safe home” right out of my heart. However, beyond reasons I couldn’t understand and logic I couldn’t explain, except to call it hope, with every rare smile, joke or laughter my father had, a fragile hope seed grew in my heart “maybe he’ll change”. The hope lasted no longer than mere fragments of time until the next wave of darkness took a hold of him. Books, that’s where I found my refuge, not church, society or social interactions. That’s where I could dream freely and imagine the world I wanted to live in. I think I was a bit of a loner, yet with a great deal of charisma.

Being the oldest, I worked constantly skipping on childhood and adolescence all together.

Right after high school, I began working twelve hours shifts, seven days a week at an ice-cream and soda-pop kiosk, very popular at the time. I was very greatful for my $6 a month salary, it was similar to my father’s salary. I was not allowed to go to collage, due to my gender and lack of money, something that made me very bitter at the time.

God to me was just another tyrant figure, unhappy, abusive, not nice at all, yet someone I kept on hearing that somehow “loved me.” I wanted nothing to do with this God but didn’t dare communicate that to my parents. A missionary changed all that. He brought along with him stories of a very powerful and nice God, similar to Jesus in the New Testament (the church loved the mean and angry Old Testament God) and I fell in love for the very first time with God. Willingly, I wanted to have a relationship with this new image of God, not the one in the church. I began a new walk, a happy and light walk with God.

After the 1989 fall of communism revolution in most of the Estern European block, charitable help came into the country in the form of clothes, shoes, and monthly food supplies. “If I ever get rich, I’ll do the same.” A prayer shot up to the heavens from a thankful heart and put in practice soon after.

In 1993 I was rescued by this super handsome and tall young man, Chet, who was part of a missionary team from America. The engagement and wedding was a big source of gossip and wonder. We married on August 15th, in Romania. A very unusual wedding since the bride and groom couldn’t talk to each other:) Leaving Romania and coming to America on October 15th, was one of the most stressful things I lived through. Not because of Chet, my new husband, but everything else: leaving my family, who I no longer could protect, entering a new land with new traditions I din’t understand and no one familiar to communicate with. Halloween was a weird and dark first impression of American holidays, only the small kids dressed in cute costumes brought a smile to my face, all other gore did not. My parents-in-law were a hugeeeeee support during that time.

I had my first born, Merrill, in 1995, followed quickly by my second, Meleah, in 1996 and then our surprise, Alex, in 1993, (I was pregnant with Alex when I flew back to Romania to see Fanu in the hospital, but I did not know I was pregnant). I had a few jobs: babysitting, sells rep at the Gap, preschool teacher, writer, real-estate agent, home design and massage therapist. I’ve never been more fulfilled in my work field, like when I’m writing.

Most of you know that in January of 2014, I fell ill, an illness that almost took my life and I’m still fighting it, getting better each day, with the occasional relapses, which are still far too often than I like to admit.

I’m very happy now, even if in pain most days. Every day I’m greatful to God for allowing me another day on this wonderful planet and among my loved ones. Life is very normal, and calm (I need to keep it calm and stress-free) and mundane but I love it:) Thank you God for my life:)