Stiri noi de mama

Dupa o noapte plina de dureri insuportabile, calmantele nu si-au facut efectul deloc, mama a primit morfina, nu a rezistat la MRI, si a facut CT, unde au descoperit o punga de puroi, abces, intr-un muschi langa coloana vertebrala. E pe calmante foarte puternice acuma, si combinatie de trei antibiotice, si miine vor decide daca-i ii prea riscant sa faca drenaj. Acuma mama se odihneste dupa ce a putut manca un pic si va multumim din inima de sustinerile in rugaciune. Ne rugam pentru o vindecare completa.

Rebeca nu va fi operata!!! Doctorul a spus ca nu-i periculos, asa ca vor reveni inapoi cand va avea 6 ani.

Doamne multumim mult de o asa mama puternica:)


God is good. Thank you for your support in prayers:)

Mom had a horrible night, full of severe pain, non-stop, and none of the sedatives worked. Today after some morphine, the pain became bearable and did a CT scan, right after she could’t lie down in the MRI more than a few minutes due to pain. The CT shows an abscess in a muscle close to her spine, which most likely is pushing against some nerves to produce such pain and none of the surgeons present there felt qualified to drain it. Neuro will tell us tomorrow if they could. She’s on a strong combination of three antibiotics now and strong sedatives, and mom was finally able to eat something and now she’s resting. Due to her kidney failure the toxins from all the medication is a concern, but we, the family, are so very glad to see her void of pain. No mother should have to endure such pain, no one in fact. She’s such a strong woman.

Thank you for your continued prayers and we’re glad they’ve found the infection and treatment is on.

After the doctor appointment today, my baby niece Rebeca will not have surgery:) The doctors don’t think it’s problematic other than the esthetics of it. So that’s good news as well:)


God Bless