May 5th-Saturday-2018

Draw your own conclusion after reading this accurate story that took place this year, in Romania, on the outskirts open land of Timisoara city, where one of my brothers wasn’t only witnessing this event but participated in helping this young man.

Saturday, May 5th, 2018, a Bible study group of young couples were celebrating, picnic style, an outing, one of my brother and his family among them. The location, unlike their usual one, was new, a wilderness sort of place. Once everyone arrived, blankets were laid down on the grass filled soon with food. As they enjoyed each other’s company, my brother, and a few others noticed a young man in his early twenties, running at an incredibly fast speed, bare-foot. The speed with which this man ran back and forth was unnervingly fast for any human being. Eventually, the young man approached the group and asked them for something to eat. He received two bananas and one apple which he devoured quickly away from the group. He then returned again asking for more food, receiving a big plate filled with all sorts of B-B-qued meat and such which he ate, this time in the group’s company.

‘What is your name?’ Someone asked.


‘How old are you, Daniel?’


‘Where do you leave?’

‘In my father’s barn, in the village nearby, but I spend most of my time outdoors in these hills. The villagers don’t want me around because I scare them and the kids.’ The young man was pleasant, polite and intelligent and all seemed well until he mentioned;

‘I have to leave now, the sickness is coming.’ Unsure of what exactly he was referring to the group protested, encouraging him to stay and visit with them longer, which he did, when suddenly he fell to the ground in a seizure spasm, foaming at the mouth, shaking violently and making odd sounds. The men quickly got up and formed a protective fence between Daniel and their families, encouraging the women and children to back off a few meters.

‘Let’s pray for him.’ My brother spoke up and a few men agreed. All but 6 to 8 men stayed close to Daniel. By now the rest of the group was at a safe distance away watching the small group of men surrounding Daniel reached their hands forward towards Daniel praying, my brother being one of them. He then heard Daniel making sounds no man could make, sounds closer to those of a cornered angry animal while his body bent in an unnatural upside-down frown. Daniel began eating grass, or covering his ears with his palms as the men continued to pray, climbing up a tall tree trunk nearby like a monkey, with the speed of an animal trained to climb trees making it all the way to the top. There were no branches available for the most part of his climb to help him and everyone had one unified wonder “how did he do that?” The men kept on praying, using Jesus’s name to free Daniel of whatever dark spirit who clearly possessed this young boy’s body, watching as he climbed down with the same speed, making sounds that would make anybody’s hair stand up straight on their back. Daniel then jumped straight up, again too high for any human abilities and landed on his back hard against a tree stump. There were far more such details I don’t seem to recollect at the moment from our phone conversation but eventually, Daniel relaxed and came to his senses, looking around as if looking for someone in particular.

“I don’t see the priestess dressed in black with her split tongue anymore.” He explained happily, followed by “My head no longer hurts, only my back a little.” His back pain was a result of him being dropped on the tree trunk earlier.

“I’m so happy you guys came here, I feel so happy with you guys,” Daniel spoke with the most sane and pleasant expression on his face, as everyone watched him still trying to grasp the details they all saw and heard, thanking God in the end for such a positive result.

‘It’s God who helped you Daniel, not us.” Someone spoke.

“Yes, thank you, God!” Soon Daniel relaid how at one point earlier in his life he got baptized but walked way from God, confessing, “What’s inside me…only through prayer and fasting can be eliminated.”

“You should join the local church and return to God.” My brother spoke looking into the same eyes of a young man who only a few minutes ago had the look of madness. Even though the picnic atmosphere was disrupted and now a wave of tension one feels when witnessing such encounters lingered in everyone, they all agreed that the unusual wilderness they all ended up choosing was intentionally picked by God himself to save this young man’s soul and life.

I’m sure some of you are encouraged by this story, while others may be frightened and full of all sorts of explanations, but this really happened not even two full weeks ago and I heard it from my brother’s own mouth in a recent phone conversation, just last week. I for one am encouraged, even though a bit uneasy by the details.

God Bless:)


Daniel, after the prayer, free of the dark spirit and happy.


5 Mai 2018

Sambata pe data de 5 Mai, 2018, in Timisoara, sau mai corect pe langa Timisoara, un grup de cupluri tineri casatoriti crestine sau decis sa mearga la iarba verde, la un picnic. Spre mirarea lor au ales o zona noua salbaticita parca pentru acest picnic, si odata ajunsi la iarba verde au inceput pregatirile pentru barbeque, cand au vazut un baiat tinar, descult, alergand dintr-o parte in alta cu o viteza inumana. Curand tinarul sa indreptat spre ei cerandu-le ceva de mancare. A primit doua banane si un mar care le-a mancat la o distanta de ei, intorcandu-se si cerand mincare din nou. Umplandu-i o farfurie cu de toate, baiatul a luat loc langa grup si au inceput a discuta: “cum te cheama? Cati ani ai? Unde stai?” etc. Asa au aflat ca-l cheama Daniel, are 21 de ani si locuia in grajdul parintesc intr-un sat din apropiere. Majoritate satenilor le era frica de el din cauza bolii. Cand Daniel a zis “Trebuie sa plec ca vine boala.” cei din jur nu au inteles si l-au incurajat sa mai stea cu ei la povesti. Zis si facut pana cand Daniel a cazut pe spate la pamint, a inceput sa faca spume la gura, convulsii si sunete ciudat de urate ii ieseau din gura. Instant barbatii au format un lant protectiv intre familiile lor si Daniel, si toti sau retras de baiat cu exceptia a 6-8 barbati, printre care si fratele meu, care sau decis sa se roage pentru bietul om. Singurele detalii care mi le amintesc din conversatia telefonica cu fratele meu de saptamina trecuta erau ca Daniel, si-a astupat urechile cu miinile sa nu auda rugaciunile, minca iarba, si corpul i se indoia drastic ca un pod, se catara pe copaci cu o viteza fulgeratoare, trunchiul copacului fiind foarte gros si fara ajutorul ramurilor, pana a ajuns sus de tot, si tot cu aceeasi repezeala sa dat jos, a sarit in sus la o distanta asa de inalta ca nici un om nu-i in stare de asa ceva si a fost trantit pe spate lovindu-se de o radacina de copac. Intr-un final Daniel sa linistit, si ochii care pana-n acel moment aveau o salbaticiune in ei si-au revenit la normalitate, baiatul sa sculat zimbind privind in jur specific dupa cineva.

“Nu mai vad preoteasa in negru cu limba despicata in doua.” A zis el in cele din urma, continuind “Nu ma mai doare capul, numai spatele.” Spatele il durea de la faptul ca a fost trantit de trunchiul de copac cu cateva minute inainte.
‘Cei in mine, numai cu post si rugaciune iese.” A marturisit baiatul si fratele meu impreuna cu ceilalti l-au incurajat sa inceapa sa mearga la biserica.
‘Asa de mult ma bucur ca ati venit aicea, asa de bine ma simt printre voi.”

“Nu noi, Daniel, ci Isus prin noi te-a vindecat. Slava Domului!”

Desi atmosfera de picnic a fost stricata, cu totii au ajuns la aceeasi concluzie: Dumezeu i-a trimis in acest loc de salbaticiune nou pentru al intilni si pentru a se ruga pentru Daniel ca sa fie eliberat de duhul rau care-l stapinea.

Doamne iti multumim ca tu iubesti pe fiecare copil al tau, si ne rugam ca Daniel sa-ti slujeasca tie pana la moarte.


Daniel dupa rugaciune.