Non-Toxic Beauty 2

Om Pur is back baby! After some years of silence, and no products on the market, Om Pur is back! Their products are my favorite but I’m partial to their Pomegranate Vitamin C facial serum hands down!

It’s $48 but so worth it:) I’ve also tried and like their Rose Cucumber eye cream, their White Sage Lemon-Thyme facial mist. The Manuka Tea Tree facial serum I’ll use after I’m done with the Pomegranate one, but I’ll return over and over to the Pomegranate Vitamin C serum anytime! It smells so good, and it really helps keep my mature skin tone even. My daughter who is in her mid twenties tried it and the dark circles under her eyes vanished within days and she also noticed a more even tone.

I’m not getting paid to brag about Om Pur products, it’s all me baby!

Photo taken by Carmen McKnight

Om pur’s products are organic and wildcrafted. It’s just about as hippy as it can get and I’m all in:)

Have a great day and stay beautiful!

God Bless:)

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