The Time Is Now [a poem]

Photo by Carmen McKnight from Pexels

By Carmen McKnight 

The time of day to live not stray
is now.

The time of night to love and not to fight
is now.

The time to open up your heart
is now.

The time to cry those tears of joy
is now.

The time to send those fears, ahoy
is now.

The time to eat your beefy stew,
is now.

The time to let the others have a breakthrough,
is now.

A time to practice your forgiveness
And leave your crusted hate behind
Along with that entitled intuition.
All of it is now.

The time to hate has passed away, to love
is now.

The time to mourn a lost reward, and smile
is now.

The time to look behind no more
is now.

The time to hope for a brave tomorrow
…is absolutely now.

Porphyia- what is it?

I never heard of this until a month ago. I’m adding an article and a video that talks about it a little bit, since I’m still very unfamiliar with this topic but it seems to be important for those who have a severe nausea/vomiting and anxiety reaction when changing medication or supplementation. The reaction is similar to that of a HERX except it last way longer and the treatment holds some surprises, but you go ahead and read about it from those who know what they’re talking about. I’m adding a small fragment from the article. Have a good one and God Bless:)

What are the symptoms of porphyria? They are global, and it will be obvious that they are similar to those of mold toxicity, Lyme and co-infections, mast cell activation, and PANDAS. Like these conditions, porphyria sets off a series of biochemical reactions, inflammatory in nature, which can affect virtually every system of the body.

Symptom Charts of Lyme Disease and its co-Infections

Bartonella– Bartonellosis is a group of emerging infectious diseases caused by bacteria belonging to the Bartonella genus. Bartonella includes at least 22 named species of bacteria that are mainly transmitted by carriers (vectors), including fleas, lice, or sandflies. Both domestic and wild animals can be infected with Bartonella species (Bartonella spp) by these vectors. -NORD,

Mycoplasma– Mycoplasma refers to a genus of bacteria which lack a cell wall and it is currently considered the smallest known cell at about 0.1 micron (µm) in diameter. Infections in reptiles often cause upper respiratory tract signs.-

Babesia -Babesiosis, as with Lyme disease, is transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected tick. However, in a similar fashion to malaria, Babesiosis is caused by microscopic parasites (intraerythrocytic) from the genus Babesia – also known as “piroplasms” – that infect red blood cells.-

I had (I hope no longer have) the Babesia Duncani strand-

There are thousands of great articles on the net of these co-infections if you like more information.

I have been diagnosed with all four and experienced 98% of these symptoms. Out of these infections Borrelia is the least threatening (Lyme Disease) but the Babesia Duncani is the most deadly. I felt it on my own skin (the air hunger was terrifying). This year, the 8th year, seems the best one of them all. I’m not fully healed, but I’m beautifully better, despite the residue of neurological damage on which I’m still working on.

Keep healthy in and out and I do hope from the bottom of my heart you’re well.

God Bless:)

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Beating Lyme Documentary Progress

Yep, it must be said. We’re behind, and will not meet our own dead line, but the good thing about that is we can move it as we need to and adjust as we have to. One more interview in mid October will complete, we hope, the interview process. I’ve begun the work of building the story, a process I really love but it goes slower than I expected. I have to laugh now, everything is slower than I expected, but we want to do a good job and not hurry through.

Sunday we had a great time with Nancy Tung and her wonderful family. Meeting her mother was the highlight of my day. Nancy, who runs her own business as a “Brainspotting Trainer and Consultant
​Systemic Wellness Coach brings to the documentary another wonderful touch to the importance of a support system for everyone suffering and the interconnectivity to one another in a spiritual awareness we all need to thrive. I can’t wait to incorporate her wisdom in the storyline:)

I need to work on the second trailer but I’m having a little trouble condensing information down to a minute or two. I guess I have the gift of either gab or headliner and a trailer is somewhere in the middle. No worries, I’ll figure it out.

Have a good day and stay healthy in and out.

God Bless:)

Beating Lyme Documentary-Progress

Well…(scratching my head), this documentary may turn out to be the story of one family…that’s not what I had in mind originally. You got a plan, and a dead line, but it never works out the way you think it will, so we are re-adjusting. I’d like to have more medical personal interviews but we’ll see if that will happen. Never-the-less, today (9/9/2021) I’m starting the writing process for our next trailer then I’ll be moving on to writing the documentary outline. Since this is Chet and I, first documentary (hopefully not last) we’re learning as we go along. Lots more work to do, but we’re moving forward:)

God Bless:)

Integrative Lyme Solutions with Dr. Karlfeldt

I had the honor to be a guest on Dr. Karlfeldt podcast show a week ago. My story called “Carmen’s story” is Episode 28. Our internet connection was not stellar but it’s still good information. They have lots of podcasts to choose from and so many people’s story to listen to and learn from. I love it. Enjoy.

Below is the protocol Dr. Karlfeldt talks about in the podcast which has to do with (unfortunately that part is hard to hear) getting the lyme spirochete—a corkscrew-shaped bacterium called Borrelia burgdorferi out of the joint fluids, where they like to hide because of the less blood flow.

I do better writing than speaking, for couple of reasons: first there’s my accent which gets stronger when I’m nervous and second is due to the neurological damage done already, damage I’m working to undue. I have a harder time remembering quickly certain information when the need to speak face to face occurs, however when I write I can take my time and re-write as many time as I need until I’m satisfied. So I’m not sure how el·o·quent of a speaker I really am but I can do a better job in writing. Also less nerve-racking. Hope this helps someone:)

Dr. Klinghardt Biological Lyme Protocol

Lyme Disease

Step 1: the foundation

  1. Cistus tea (prevention of tick bites, biofilm- dissolving, borreliocidal) – start with 2 cups per day, slowly increase to 8 cups per day. As soon as any improvement is noticed, stay with that dose without further increase. If a die-off effect or worsening occurs, go back to the last tolerated dose
  2. Binders – 2 options:
    1. Lava Vitae (special zeolite – has scooper inside): 2 scoops 2-3 times daily between meals and/or at bedtime
    2. Chlorella: 8-16 tablets (250 mg each) 3 times per day 30 min before meals or at bedtime (binders have the job to capture mobilized biotoxins in the intestinal tract to prevent their re-absorption)
  3. Hyaluronic Acid Liquid: teases microbes out of protected hiding places; nutrient for joints and connective tissue. The Ki-Science product has the exact Dalton molecular size for complete sublingual uptake. Take 3 – 4 dropper-full twice daily. If joint pain is the main presenting issue, consider a third dose.
  4. Cistus Incanus Plus Tincture 10 to 15 drops twice daily.

Step 2: The liposomal antimicrobial cocktail

You need a 250 or 500 ml glass jam jar with a lid. Fill with a cup (6 oz) of clean water. Add the entire daily dose of herbals and 1-3 teaspoons (15 ml) MicroPhos (known effects: increases cell wall integrity, increases parasympathetic tone, helps anti-microbials to penetrate into biofilm and cross membranes and barriers). Shake vigorously for 1 minute. Take half the daily dose in the morning just before breakfast (to prevent nausea), the rest in divided doses throughout the day; nothing past sunset. It may take months to reach the full treatment dosage.

To increase the depth of penetration of the mix, an ultrasound jewellery cleaning device can be used (costs less than 30 £). Put water in the chamber, place the closed jar with the mixed herbal tinctures into it – after the shaking – and vibrate for 12 minutes.

  1. One to three teaspoons MicroPhos – fixed daily dose independent of the herbal dosages used. (More is better, but this is a more costly item)

Slowly titrate doses to tolerance for each item below, in the following order:

  1. Sweet Annie plus Sweet Stevie (known effects of S.A.: anti-protozoal, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory. Stevia: anti-Lyme, biofilm penetrating): 1 drop twice daily each, double every 3 days until improvement of any symptom is noticed. If a dose of 2 pipettes twice daily is reached and has to be increased, start a 3rd dose in the middle of the day. If a die-off effect or worsening is noticed, go back to the last tolerated dose and stay there for at least 10 days before attempting to increase the dose again. Do not exceed 2 full pipettes three times per day. Stay on that dose if no further change is noticed and add the next item.
  2. Astra Smile (known effects of the ingredients: anti-bacterial, anti-viral, neuro-protective and neuro-regenerative, anti-aging): start with 1 drop twice daily, titrate to tolerated and effective dose.
  3. Coriandolo Plus (known effects: removal of toxic metals, normalizes serum lipids, increases bile flow): start with 1 drop twice daily, increase to full dose of 2 dropperful 3 times per day as tolerated. This item can also be used separate from the cocktail in a cup of water. Best if combined with 20-30 min ionic foot bath twice weekly.
  4. Propolis Plus (known effects: anti-viral, radioprotective, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. In our experience: powerful anti-Bartonella effects): titrate carefully to tolerated dosage. Some patients might be allergic to propolis which should be picked up early during initial titration). Full dose: 2 dropperful 3 times per day

Ag23: this is a unique low potency homeopathic preparation of nanonized silver with a multitude of documented broad spectrum anti-microbial properties. It does not cause silver storage problems (such as skin discoloration) as many colloidal silver products would do, if taken for long periods of time. Silver has been shown to work on its own, but it also potentizes the effect of other anti-microbials. Like other homeopathics, Ag23 is taken straight and undiluted away from all other items, including food, water or other drinks. Dosage: 2 tablespoons 2-3 times per day

Most patients benefit from decreasing the aluminium burden of lungs and brain. Aluminum has been shown to enhance the destructiveness of Lyme. Add Polmolo to the mix and titrate the optimal dose in the same manner. This can be done independent of the presence of Lyme or other related infections.

Many Lyme patients have undiagnosed kidney problems since the inner lining of the kidney, ureter, bladder, and urethra are favourite hiding and feasting places of Lyme and Co. Renolo: take separately from the cocktail in a glass of water and titrate to the effective dose. Full dose: 3 dropperful 3 times per day in a full glass of clean water. Can also be squirted on food (salad dressing, cooked veggies, etc.)

Mold: many Lyme patients suffer from mould illness as well. The home has to be mould free, as well as the body. Use Rizol Gamma (ozonated plant oils). After the tolerated dosages of the cocktail are established, add Gamma and slowly increase to the optimal dose of 15 drops 3 times per day. These can be added to the cocktail or be taken independently.

The dosages recommended are for a 70 kg person

More information and scientific references: view the powerpoint presentation “Lyme Solutions” from the workshop in London, February 2016 Most items used in this protocol can be sourced from www. The individual ingredients of the herbs can be viewed in an attachment of the same presentation. Other suppliers can be used as long as the products are sourced carefully and meet the sensitive exclusion criteria. Herbs may have the same name but may not have the same amount of biological activity. During the initial active treatment phase antioxidant vitamins have been shown to be an obstacle rather than helpful. Most chronic Lyme patients start feeling better after 3-4 months on this protocol and reach a profound level of recovery after 18 months. Some patients who were severely ill for many years and have taken antibiotics for more than 3 months may need a safe, simple, inexpensive and well tolerated maintenance dose of some of these liposomal herbs for the rest of their life.

Pastor Bob Smith

It’s so hard to talk about someone dear who passed away but there is a certain amount of comfort in the knowledge that he’s no longer suffering, no longer in pain.

I was taught English by Carrie Fisher who at the time was going to Christ Community Church where Pastor Bob was the senior pastor. She used a course called “Hooked on Phonics” purchased because pastor Bob saw my need. I spoke maybe three words of English back in 1993 when I arrived in America as a new bride and a new member into his church. He always made me feel that I belonged. He met us at the airport when we arrived back from a Romanian trip, a beautiful and heartfelt surprise for both Chet and I. He smiled often, and I loved his laugh. His wonderful wife, Adele, always by his side with a great cute smile completed the beautiful couple. I am so privileged to have known such a wonderful man, and I’ll miss him dearly. The memorial service which took place yesterday, was wonderful.

I’ll miss you forever Pastor Bob and thank you for including me in your life. Your heart was so large and you had room for everyone:) Can’t wait to see you on the other side.

Love, Carmen