Pastor Bob Smith

It’s so hard to talk about someone dear who passed away but there is a certain amount of comfort in the knowledge that he’s no longer suffering, no longer in pain.

I was taught English by Carrie Fisher who at the time was going to Christ Community Church where Pastor Bob was the senior pastor. She used a course called “Hooked on Phonics” purchased because pastor Bob saw my need. I spoke maybe three words of English back in 1993 when I arrived in America as a new bride and a new member into his church. He always made me feel that I belonged. He met us at the airport when we arrived back from a Romanian trip, a beautiful and heartfelt surprise for both Chet and I. He smiled often, and I loved his laugh. His wonderful wife, Adele, always by his side with a great cute smile completed the beautiful couple. I am so privileged to have known such a wonderful man, and I’ll miss him dearly. The memorial service which took place yesterday, was wonderful.

I’ll miss you forever Pastor Bob and thank you for including me in your life. Your heart was so large and you had room for everyone:) Can’t wait to see you on the other side.

Love, Carmen

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