Magnolia House slides off foundation- Seattle Local News

It’s 2:40 pm here in Magnolia, Seattle, and about 30-35 minutes ago I began hearing lots of police and ambulance activity from my bedroom, but only when the helicopter arrived- 15-20 minutes into the whole thing- I became curious and took a walk to see the reason. The video I took is from Magnolia Bulevard Road and the house that slid off the foundation can not be seen from up where I was. Perkins Lane where the house is semi-located now, is a wealthy neighborhood of waterfront homes and while out there trying to see what was going on I smelled smoke. Later on, while interviewed by Fox 13 News- I may be on the 4,5 or 10pm news, we’ll see- I could smell natural gas as well. The helicopter who I can still hear from my room, is still hovering over the area and I believe it’s Kiro 7 news. There has been heavy rains the past week and very strong winds last night, plus with the snow we just had for a week may have contributed to this disaster for one family. I’m really sorry they’re going through this and we send our prayers for them.

God Bless:)

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