Magnolia House Slides off Foundation -Part 2- Seattle Local News

Perkins Lane, Magnolia, Jan. 8th 2021
For those of you that haven’t seen my previous post, yesterday around 2pm lots of police and ambulance activity close to our house brought my curious self out to see the reason behind such excitement. A mud slide hit a house on Perkins Lane, Magnolia, Seattle, and pushed it off its foundation. It’s not the first, in a massive landslide in ’96 that took out five homes and the road-
A man and a woman are alright, admitted but in good conditions. One of their dog died and the other one is missing. Due to heavy rains, snow and winds the land, already considered dangerous slid and caused another disaster. I’m really sorry for the owner, a bummer way to start this year and we keep them in our prayers.
Stay safe and talk to you soon!
God Bless:)

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