Have you ever heard of the Glymphatic system?

Photo by Jan Kopřiva from Pexels

This article brought to you by the insomnia bug attacking me this morning from 3 am to 6am-we stare because we care-! 

I’m unable to sleep this morning. I woke up again at 3 am and did some reading on 10 simple ways to soothe the nervous system (https://lifespa.com/10-simple-protocols-calm-soothe-nervous-system/ )

You’re more curios of why I can’t sleep? The past 2 nights I’ve been waking up at 3am only to stare or read for three hours about all sorts of things and this morning I came across this Glymphatic system. Who knew? In the quietness of the night I seem to remember all sorts of things I’m suppose to or should be doing in my life. So I make mental lists I know for sure I’ll forget in the morning, and when necessary – like right now- I write some things down. 

So what is this Glymphatic system? https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25947369/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glymphatic_system

A newly discovered system,-since 2013- “for waste clearance in the central nervous system (CNS) of vertebrates.” according to Wikipedia. A lymphatic system really that does the work of a garbage truck but for the brain and spinal cord. How cool is that!

It seems important and I should really get back to sleep so it can wash my brain clear of any toxins! Good night. Don’t think so.

So I stare and thing how much I miss reading these true stories this lady used to write on WordPress but she’s no longer part of this community. Realizing that half- and I really mean half!- of my brain, more precisely the right hemisphere is tingly again, a sort of soft tingle as if spiders are walking ever so gently and slow over my hair, I no longer panic. Go to sleep Carmen! Did I tell you about my dental work I had done two weeks ago equivalent to a dental surgery? No? That’s because it’s boring. Go to sleep!

I do want a brain toxic wash by this new glymphatic system, but apparently not bad enough to fall asleep, so I stare, read and play games on my iPhone. The fever is gone, at last, but tomorrow it may return. We’ll see. It usually comes in the evening and that means another night half slept. Hopefully free of spider crawling sensations;) 

Yesterday, at 3 am, I was looking, spying really, for any night thieves trying to break our car window. Right, I didn’t tell you about that either. That’s because living in Seattle makes this sort of occurrence a norm. That’s why we arm ourselves and have a private chat with these night shoppers. So yep, I was hoping they would stop by so I can show them my new toy I bought for Christmas, just for them! Isn’t that nice of me? But they didn’t come so I went to bed. 

Am I fighting something? Who isn’t these days? 

5:50 am. I remember seeing 3:13am soon after I woke up this morning. It’s foggy and the boats are honking. I should go to sleep. Right? But the city bus just drove by, most likely empty again, as it usually is, and an involuntary tear rolls down my face most likely from staring at my cellphone as I write this down. I should go to sleep. But it’s almost light outside! I should wake up! Not really. Good night. So I finally fall asleep.

Weird, this article it was so much funnier at 5:30 am. Now it seems boring. Good day!

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