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Hi guys.

Trying to understand Chronic Lyme Disease and all the co-infections that come along and affect some of us is like reading a book with every other page missing only to find out the last chapter is all together gone. Sheer confusion.

It’s very hard writing today’s blog, I’m misspelling big time and I am a little confused since I’m recovering from a mild seizure. But I’ll get through this as I got through so many other ones.

Thank God for doctors and practitioners that keep learning, for the research being done and other people who are speaking out for those who can’t. I’ve been following some of these wonderful people on the Lyme Summit going on right now. It’s free and if you haven’t heard about it there’s still some time left. It’s day 4 or 5 I believe.

I listened today to Dr. Kevin Conners, Day 2,, and I finally understood some things I wish I would’ve known earlier. But it’s never too late. Here’s what I got out of it, but you should listen for yourself if it’s still available.

There’s really three Phases to Lyme:

Phase l: Acute- meaning right after you get bit and the bacterium are still in the bloodstream and extracellular spaces (outside of cells). In this phase antibiotic treatment works perfectly and it’s the only way to really kill them before they multiply. If you wait for test results it may be too late for some antibiotic treatment is recommended right away. I’m not a doctor so go consult one. How rapid it goes into Phase ll depends on the health of your immune system- that’s why some recover while others don’t. You see they can’t reproduce- which is the bacterium’s highest desire- while in the bloodstream. It’s like trying to have babies while traveling on the freeway. So they have to find a safe space, usually by exiting the freeway- bloodstream- and looking for a house in the suburbs- meaning any tissues away from exposure to the antibodies. So they enter into our own tissue cells- a sort of uninvited guests refusing to leave- and that’s when we move into Phase ll.

Phase ll: They’ve moved inside a cell and now they can get busy and have lots of babies. The house walls- or the cell membranes- protect them from the police/army- or Th1 immune responders. Once the kids grow up and become teenagers they no longer want to abide my mom and dad’s rules so they leave. Once on the freeway they can easily get killed by the police looking for them- meaning, this is when the antibiotic treatment works and kills the wonderers, the patient feels better for a period of time only to relapse and feel bad again, when the next sets of teenager leave home and the cycle just keeps on going. That’s why even long term antibiotic treatments does not work to eradicate ALL Lyme bacterium. Antibiotics and Th1 can kill only the bacterium outside the cells before they enter other cells but can’t get to the ones already inside. This phase can last for many years and can be very miserable and painful.

Phase lll: This is when it an autoimmune response and an autoimmune disease develops as a result of confused B cells. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Here is where a teeter-totter happens between Th1 (army like immune responder) and Th2 (CIA investigators that take over usually when the army is overwhelmed by pathogen resistance) these two go at it for months confusing the B cells (immune responders produced in the bone) who then can’t find the antibodies (every pathogen and remember pathogens are the bad guys, has its own unique hat which distinguish them for life) of lyme and they start making antibodies against the self cells (your own cells). or ” Lyme pathogens has gone inside the cell, you have a teeter-totter of Th1 firing trying to kill, Th2 firing to try to make antibodies against the pathogen and at some point in time with some people, not everyone, you start making antibodies against the cells in the tissue where the pathogen is found.”- Dr. Kevin Conners

This phase I still don’t fully get.

The immune system is really doing it’s job by attacking and killing- so that’s not what’s off, it’s the fact that starts to get confused which is the enemy and which is not.


If you take any immune stimulants such as Vit. C, echinacea, mushrooms, cat’s claw, etc and you have a reaction, that’s not a Herx reaction, you’re simply promoting your immune system to kill your own cells, and that’s what you feel. The death of your own cell tissues.


There’s still not an answer I find satisfactory to this question. So far.

Also I have been confused about many treatment approaches so if you’re in the same boat as me, let me share with you what I’ve learned.

Treatment to kill approach- which was my approach- no matte how sick you get and how bad the Herx reaction get is not the way to go. Why? Because of the blocked detoxification paths in the body, such as; pooping, sweating and liver function. If any of these are not working at their absolute best don’t bother doing the killing because if will only overload you with more toxins from die off -because they can’t leave the body- and you’ll end up feeling worse. You see I can’t really sweat. I never thought much about it in the past but now I know it’s not a good sign. At times when I try, I either feel like i’m going to pass out- heat intolerance if I try to sit in a hot steamy bathroom or the sun, or hot weather- or my pores start to sting all over my body, a sort of sting/itch unpleasant sensation, or I fatigue quickly when I try to exercise and can’t get to the levels you need to get in order to sweat. So what can I do? I heard the proper Rife machine will help and an infrared sauna. I haven’t tried either of them and I’m not sure how I would do in the sauna, but I think I need to try. The Rife machine has infrared frequency which shakes the pathogens out of the cells, and once out of the cells they can be killed by antibiotic or herbal treatment, after the detoxification channels in the body have been brought to optimal health. But if I’m already full of toxins that’s not good. So first I need to detox.

Dr. Kevin Conners has free books on his website for anyone interested. I just got the “7 Phases of Detoxification” book today and I’m looking forward to read it. He has other books you can download for free, which I find very helpful.

Quick outline of his detox book: Phase 6-Elimination (pooping), Phase 5: Binding toxins in the gut, Phase 4; Health of the gallbladder and the flow of bile, Phase 3,2,1, are about the liver, genetics and assessments, and there’s Phase 0 which I forgot what’s about.

As I close this blog, i hope some of the things I learned and shared with you today may can help you the way it did me. My next focus will be on proper detoxification. In order to do that I need to read the book.

What has been helping you? Please do share. And don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already done so.

Have a good one and God bless::

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