The war

Like many of you, I’m speechless to see what’s going on in Ukraine, which borders Romania on the east side. I was born in Romania, but my great-grandfather came from Ukraine. Funny, he ran from his country with his brothers during the WWI looking for refuge, and worked for food in the nearest Romanian village until he settled. So I guess I could say it’s personal what’s going on in Ukraine as I’m sure it is for many of my readers.

China launched 9 airstrikes against Taiwan the same time Russia began theirs attack against Ukraine. Coincidence? I think not, meanwhile the fanatical left- not the normal people that consider themselves democrats politically- are pushing communism into the veins of this country forcefully. I recognize it because I grew up in communism. God help us to wake up to what’s really going on.

I pray for those in harms way to find some refuge and escape this nightmare.

God bless

P.S. Some transportation companies in Romania are volunteering their time and equipment- busses- to help Ukrainian refugee. So proud of them:)

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