Ukraine- We Pray for you

I join the millions of people on this earth and pray for Ukraine, the land of my great-grandpa- I’m sure I have distant relatives there- and for the rest of the world governments not to just sit on their asses and do nothing to help.

My baby sister who lives in Europe, tolled me today some of the news coming from Romania: About 10000 refugees, mostly women and children entered Romani looking for safety. Interestingly enough that’s how my great-grandpa on my mother’s side came to live in Romania too. All dual citizenship Romanian- Ukraine, can enter Romania without problems. If not a citizen only children and women are allowed in, the men are sent to fight for their country. Lots of churches and missions await the refugee at the borders with food and water. I am so proud of my country Romania for the help they provide to the our neighbors the Ukrainian refugee. I continue to align myself and pray for this to stop.

God be with Ukraine

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