Getting back to normal life

Getting back to normal life after our vacation is harder than expected. I want to be in vacation mode for the rest of my life, or at least until I get bored of vacation:) You feel the same right? One thing this vacation showed me is that my level of health is far more advanced than I thought:) I am stronger than I even realized myself, so yeh!!!!!!!!! The sun and warmth a winter California offers helped a lot. As soon as we came towards mid Oregon and closer to Washington I felt a pressure on my cervical spine and joint ache a bit, so its definitely the weather and some pressure in the air we Washingtonians have to deal with during the winter times. I would move to California, if their politics were better, so I’ll have to find some other sunny place to move to:) Idaho? Maybe.

How is your winter going so far? What’s new in your life? I’d love to hear from you.

For those fighting from Lyme Disease and multiple co-infections, I’m going to share with you another great source of information: JP Davitt, admin of the Lyme Conquerors mentoring Lyme Warriors on Facebook. He has his personal Facebook page as well at

Or follow his youtube videos at: Lymefriends,

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Hope this can be of help to someone and bring you closer and faster to health:)

Have a great day today. God Bless:)

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