Road trip

We’ve been gone for almost two weeks on a Pacific west coast road trip and just got back. Alex came with us and together we had a wonderful time. We left Washington state, went down the Oregon coast, then California, Nevada, a little bit of Arizona, Utah, Idaho, then back to Oregon and Washington. I’m not glad to be back to the cold, rainy and gloomy state I live in. Some future changes must happen:) Here’s a little glimpse to our fun adventures:)

Oregon: Cannon Beach, Tillamook cheese factory, couple state Parks where we spent the night, Florence, Dune City where we drove ATV’s.

California: RedWoods National Park- Trees of Mystery Touristic attraction, Ventura city, Universal City, Hollywood sign, Hollywood walk of fame, Los Angeles, Santa Monica Beach, San Francisco

Nevada: Las Vegas

Arizona: passing through

Utah: Zion National Park- spectacular, Salt Lake City with the best authentic Thai restaurant called Sarah Thai Food,

Idaho: drove straight through it

Oregon: Baker City,

Washington: home. One day we were in 3 states: Woke un in Salt Lake City, Utah, drove right though Idaho where the most amazing blue skies and white clouds I’ve ever seen are, and entered Oregon, where we found a motel in Baker City and only junk food is available. Hard to find vegan, gluten-free organic restaurant food.

We had a wonderful time and made lots of great memories:)

Enjoy the pictures.

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