Iran and its cry

Since it began on September 16th after Mahsa Amini a 22-year-old died in the “morality police’s” custody “collectively as a woman I felt the pain of the women suffering in Iran” as Eleen so beautifully put it. Who is Eleen? My son, Merrill’s, girlfriend. Born and raised in Tehran, Iran she lives in America which means half of her heart is still back there with her family. I feel with her, I feel with all the women fighting now for their freedom, for their rights, and dying dreaming to be free. Around 200 people died already, mostly students still in high school or college standing up to a dictatorship they no longer tolerate. It’s a unified cry of the Iranian people, of the Iranian women, a cry for freedom, and a call for the tyranny to end.

I’ve asked Eleen’s help so I’ll choose her own words “This is a fire under the ash. They (the police) may act like they still have power but the power is in the people’s hands, they are done with the lies. Literally, they are ready to trade their lives for freedom even if are not alive to experience it.”

Well said.

I pray for complete freedom for the women of Iran, may the women choose what freedom is to them not another man saying what their freedom should be about. My heart is hurting with you and praying for your success.


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