Big day in the Damean Family / Zi importanta in familia Damean!!!

Yesterday was a big day for the Damean family. My brother Tibi and his beautiful bride Nicole got married back in Romania!!!! As I can only imagine the fun was on the highest of scales. The whole family gathered, yet again, from all corners of the European continent celebrating for a whole week each other’s presence, visiting cracking jokes and eating. Even as I write this blog, my family is gathering again, looking for another day of fun, food and laughter:)

On the other side of the world, yesterday I was hooked up to my second IV treatment, sucking up good medicine so I can heal up and be among them in the near future. As expected I’m experiencing intense fatigue, so I’ll rest, giving my body opportunity to heal up. Hopefully, as planned next year we’ll be among the rest of my family permanently, if the plans go accordingly and God approves. I wish the rest of you a great day.

Their fun! Ziua lor!

IMG_0212 IMG_0188 IMG_0189 IMG_0192 IMG_0191 IMG_0193

My day. I prefer their day. Ziua mea, prefer ziua lor:)


August 4, a fost si va ramine o zi speciala in mijlocul familiei Damean- nunta fratelui meu Tibi si frumoasei lui sotii Nico:) Imi imaginez cantitatea enorma de bancuri si mincare experimentata in cadru familie, acuma adunata de pe toate colturile Europene. In momentul de fata scriind acest post, ei sint iara-si adunati la glume si mincare, in ciuda oboselii:) Astia sintem noi si iubesc treaba asta enorm. Sintem multi, sintem galagiosi dar sintem uniti… in marea parte:)))))

In capatul celalalt al lumii, tot pe August 4, eram la IV (injectie intravenoasa), ca nici eu nu ma dau batuta. Daca ei se distreaza trebuie si eu sa particip:))))) Dar sanatatea se imbunatateste si la anu vom fi si noi in mijlocul lor permanent, daca planurile merg bine si Bunul Dumnezeu aproba.

Va doresc o zi buna la restul ca a mea familie precis se distreaza:))))

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