Recovery Road- Part Three

As I’ve mentioned previously, to recover takes time but it also takes a will to do so.

Part one- Crying is cleansing

Part two- Forgive

Part three- Keep your Focus. We all have moments of weakness. The danger lies when those moments of weakness become a lifetime long habits. Don’t obsess over losing your cool for a moment, make sure you don’t loose your focus on the things that matter for a lifetime.  My own recovery is right on track and I do pray yours (if you’re in a recovery mode) is progressing well.

P.S. Look past ; Why did she have to post that video? Poor dear, she just needs a good night’s sleep. Maybe’s hormonal. I think she needs attention. You’re right, how can anyone humiliate themselves like that? And so public! And it looked like she was doing so well. Goes to show you, some days you’re up other days your down. Do you think she’s losing it? She’s always been a little odd… and off. It’s to be expected after all she’s gone through, you can’t hold it together all the time… so on and so forth.

Look past those thoughts or comments and focus on what you’re called to do in life, after all, we’re all a little odd and yet wonderful.

God bless you and we’ll talk soon:)

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