This too shall pass

Many times a day I feel the need to talk to you, not for my sake, but for your sake… okay maybe a little for my sake:) You see, I so very much enjoy the shadows now, the liberty and calm one experiences away from the public eye, not to mention the clarity of thought over  one’s priorities. But there’s always that constant nag I feel that you need encouragement, whoever you are, so I must find a way to leave my comfort from the shadows and reach out to you. You see, once I’ve walked dangerously close to the edge of the other side, so many things become clear and any type of attention is no longer important or craved.

How about you? How are you? Possibly struggling in some sort of way otherwise, I wouldn’t feel this overwhelming voice of God letting me know you need encouragement. I can tell you one very important fact: everything is temporary, including this pain you find yourself overwhelmed by it. It is a falsehood directed your way in an effort to distract you from one fact- this too shall pass, and the sun will shine once again in your life. The second falsehood is this (one I still remind myself of and try to grasp its trueness): your value is far greater than you allow yourself to see it and your potential is infinite.

So I conclude here, thinking and praying for you because you matter just as I matter.

Have a peaceful evening and listen to as many jokes as possible on YouTube:)



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