Life lessons

The past couple of days-more precisely, since Tuesday- I haven’t been feeling that well. I’ve had a low fever going on 10 days now, nausea is coming back, body tremors, a little neurological issues and fatigued -more than usual. Last IV was a challenge since the veins were not visible despite all the heat (heat produces vasodilation, or enlarges the veins) we’ve put on. They were hiding deep within the body, as I sat there, pale and faint feeling, having Meleah, my daughter, as my emotional support. By the third try, the nurse, went into the vein deep with great success. “I can’t remember the last time this happen to me, multiple pokes.” To be safe, to me she looks 17 years old so it must not be too long:) This is just a brief update, now moving on:)

We’ve all had ”life lessons”. Some may have been hilarious while others had quite the opposite effect. Today I’ll give you one example of a life lesson I’ve learned many years back, even if not a hilarious one. (I will have to think of a hilarious one and write about it soon:) The lesson of wrong assumptions, not believing and assumed truths.

I’ve lost a good friend due to her wrong assumptions of me and my actions. It happened a long time ago. We visited them for a few days, in Portland, were they lived. At the time, Chet and I had to make a dramatic change and were considering moving to Portland and working in the old adult home (taking care of senior citizens) business. It was a move neither one of us really wanted to do, but we both recognized that a change was absolutely necessary in our lives in order to improve it. Next day, after arriving home, we decided, on the spot, to take a trip back to Romania. I needed a perspective and going back home always brings that. Five days later we were on a plane to Romania.

A month later we returned home only to get one of the nasties phone calls of my life- so far. My friend felt betrayed, thinking we withheld that piece of information intentionally robbing her of the chance to send something back with us for her family. In vain I tried to explain the truth to her, she was having none of it. And from that day forth we became estranged. I miss the times we had together, the friendship and the times we’ve lost since then. Once I got passed the hurt, I realized how important was for me not to assume something of others and, when things seemed to go a way I may not like or understand to have a little patience. From time to time, this memory hopes back in my mind and for a moment only, I grieve what I lost, but I pray she and her family are well.

You see, when we assume something about each other without the benefit of doubt, there is only loss left behind. I though we were going to be in each other’s lives until we died. Watch our children grow old and marry and see the grandchildren, but it did not happened as planned.

I made my own share of mistakes, don’t you worry about that, and maybe I could have communicated better (I’m not known for my fuzzy, detailed style of communication). I’m more of a headliner, and I say something when I think there’s a need to say something, but most times I just don’t see the need to say anything.

I’ve learned, from my mother-in-law mostly, that other people need to hear more about my daily activities just for the sake of conversation. To this day, she’s still the one that calles me and not the other way around, but when she does we usually have a great time talking to each other. In fact, tomorrow is her B-day:) Happy B-day MOM:) I promise I’ll call tomorrow:)

Life lessons stare us in the eye constantly, hoping we’ll pay attention to them and avoid further calamities in the future. I guess is up to us in the end to either learn something or just ignore it. Have a great evening:)

God bless:)


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