24th wedding anniversary


We look older. We feel older. But we’re still happy. We finish each other’s sentences, we’re in tune with each other’s thinking, we must be morphing into one entity. The fights are rare, mostly because we don’t give a hoot about the small stuff, and happiness is valued higher than who is right. We’ve got wrinkles, stretch marks, white hair, we tire more easily and don’t put up with other’s drama…because we know what’s important-peace. We celebrate every day of our lives together because we’re aware that none of us really knows how much longer we have together here on earth, so why fight and be miserable? Most importantly, we look forward to our children’s futures, our grandchildren and what’s to come:)

Happy Anniversary my Chet:) We sure went through a lot and came out better for it because the entire time we chose God’s help- a wise move:) Looking forward to our future:) It should be great:) Love you:)

God Bless:)

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