Christmas advent calendar

This year I received small and hilarious presents in the form of an advent calendar from my sister-in-law Brigitte who lives in Germany. This is traditions in their family, a very nice tradition and I sure had lots of fun opening and coming up with an idea for a picture for 24 days before Christmas. I know it’s past Christmas time, but maybe this will give you a great idea for your next Christmas. Enjoy:)

Day 1. Small statue from Egypt

Day 2- Body lotion

Day 3- Hand soap

Day 4- Red fluffy covered note-book

Day 5- A cactus salt shaker

Day 6- Hand knitter socks

Day 7- Chocolates

Day 8- Cappuccino mix

Day 9- Funny chore list

Day 10- a White dish to hold candy

Day 11- More candy

Day 12- Cactus pepper shaker

Day 13- Epson salt aromatic bath mix

Day 14- Cake in a cup mix

Day 15- Christmas napkins

Day 16- A second small statue from Egypt

Day 17- Traditional german cake

Day 18- Dish soap

Day 19- Toilet bowl fragrant refresher

Day 20- More cappuccino

Day 21- Hand-made necklace

Day 22- Garbage bags

Day 23- Laundry soap capsule

Day 24- A green top:)

They were meant to bring a smile on my face, and that’s what Brigitte accomplishes:) I loved every moment of it:) Thank you Brigitte once more:)

Enjoy the slow and typical slideshow:) It’s the best I could come up with for now:)

God Bless:)

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