Chet’s Love- A Poem

Photo by Carmen McKnight from Pexels

Hi everyone.

The people in my life I rarely speak to you about -like my children, parents, hubby, siblings,- has to do with a -I realized- certain selfish possession. I like to keep them all to myself. Today is one of those rare moments when I’ll share something private- this time is a poem- I wrote about Chet’s love towards me. It was inspired by his tender care when I was at my lowest (in 2014-2015). I would fall into seizure episodes often- three-four times a week or more-and he would rush by my side and carry my broken body to the safety of a bed or a couch then sit with me holding my hands until the scary episodes would pass. Chet’s practical example of love towards me helped me see God’s response to all of us when we’re hurting. A quick, nonjudgmental love in action, taking the fear away by his reassuring strong arms while sweeping us in a secure hug. Enjoy.

Chet’s Love 

It boasts in hugs,

In sweet surrenders 

In cute, soft dimples 

And arms so tender.

It holds me up when body falls,

It brings me up when sadness hits the soul,

It says good morning with the softest whisper

And gives me gentle good-nights kisses.

It sees the best in this shadowed face

And thinks I’m “awesome” thought I feel a fool.

It waits in silence my anger to surpass

And gives forgiveness even when I don’t ask.

Believes I’m stronger, I’m brave and I will conquer.

Thought weak I feel now all too often.

But when the body’s hit with sickness

And lashed, and cut with every measure,

He holds me tight in strongest arms

As weak I fall down into darkness.

He keeps me safe until it passes 

And out I crawl to see his charm,

I super love you” is his thunder. – by Carmen McKnight

God Bless:)

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