We moved on the 24th of August and it’s been a continual exhaustive trail of hard work, but slowly the results give us the energy needed to get up in the morning and do it all over. I’ve lived in the city for so long that I’ve forgotten how much work life in the country requires. But country life has its beauty and rewards, as seen in the video above. I wasn’t talking about the deer I was talking about the weeds that still need pulling…okay that was a lame joke but that’s all I’ve got today.

On a goofy note, we just watched all the Twilight movies. Remember Twilight? And we went to Forks last Wednesday. I’m team, Charlie. That’s about as deep as I’ll get today. I’m emotionally and physically exhausted so I do not have much to share with you today.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods, or neighborhood? Keep me updated;) Have a good day, we all need good days. I’ve seen on Facebook all the weddings you guys have! So wonderful! I’m glad when I see people celebrating life.

God Bless:)

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