More Carols

December 20 

In 1999 during Christmas time, Chet and I visited Romania and during Christmas Eve we joined our old friends, Ica, among them and went caroling. While walking in the cold night from apartment building to apartment building, laughing and having a good time a car full of teenage boys with undeveloped brain functions, stopped in front of us throwing at us lit up mini fireworks that would’ve caused minimal damage but it would’ve been just very unpleasant. Out of reflex, we tried to jump out of the way, only to see the fireworks bounce off the closed window and back inside their car creating panic among them. Embarrassed they drove away with a bruised ego while our group laughed until our bellies hurt.

Here’s one of the carols we sang that night:)

In iarna din 1999 am vizitat familia in Romania si de ajunul Craciunului ne-am alaturat unui grup de prieteni, Ica, printre ei, si am mers cu colinda. Pe strada, in drumul nostru catre o noua familie un grup de baieti adolescenti  au oprit masina in fata noastra si au aruncat petarde catre noi, dar au uitat sa deschida geamul. Ce a urmat a fost de mare haz si pina la urma au plecat rusinati. Colinda de sus a fost una din cele cintate. 

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