Noun. A very brief period of time.

It takes only one moment to realize you’re in danger, or in love or dying. It’s a commodity we all get to experience, few appreciate it and even fewer enjoy it.

I remember one instance when I volunteered to translate for an aquantance of mine at a doctor’s office. Before the doctor came in this person was furious about some injustice she felt was done against her by none other than her own daughter and I tried to advise her the best I could. In reality she was the victim of her own anger and selfishness and her daughter was the hero of the story. But when the knock came, and the doctor walked in, this person’s demenour changed so radical and sudden it kicked the wind out of my lungs. In front of me suddenly sat, bent and very pitiful looking, the very image of a sick and unfortunate human being, someone I knew flew off in a fit of rage just seconds earlier. In that moment, and it was a long moment for me, I understood I was being manilpulated. In that moment I learned another lesson. After the appointment was done as this person tried to milk out of the system as much as possible, I bid the person good by, making it clear we’re done.

And than there was the moment of utter awe and love look on my husband’s exhausted face upon seeing our first born for the first time. That moment was full of love and of hope, a little scary but worth every pain I just endured.

Or the moment of talking with a great friend on the phone, hearing all about her day and smiling on the other end of the line, with a heart filled with love.

Our lives are full of these moments, precious moments that collectively make up the beauty, pain, sorrow and trials that ultimately teach us many lessons.

On the 28th of March I’ll go through a new moment, a first step towards pulling all mercury fillings out of my mouth. The health that will follow will be greatly celebrated, but the thankfulness will be even greater.

What moments take your breath away?


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