Back in Romania, during my teens there was this crazy fashion of flashy knitted sweaters. All the popular girls in church- my only social hangout- had them and I longed for one of my own. That required yarn-which I didn’t have- money to buy the yarn- which I also didn’t have, and knowledge to the powerful secrets of a well knitted sweater.

Then I met Simona, a very nice girl with a rich knowledge to a well knitted sweater. Besides knowledge, Simona had money and she filled my arms with the most beautiful mohair yarn I’ve even seen, knitting magazines and friendship. I did knit some pretty sweaters and I too walked in church with a smile on my face when the finished product was beautifully displayed on my thin body, but like any respectable poor person I was a little behind in my fashion walk. By the time my pretty sweaters were done, everyone else moved on to another trend: sweaters made by a modern sowing machine.

Funny how life turns out. I ended up in Seattle. Simona ended up in Portland knitting up a storm with her beautiful hands. She has a great home-based business (Gentle Touch) and she seems so happy:)

I’ll forever be grateful to her for taking time out of her busy schedule and teaching a young lady the secrets of a well knit sweater:)

God Bless:)

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