Sister Didina

While traveling a naive road, almost blind to the Romanian traditions or the church’s traditions, I always had very pleasant encounters with great people, such as sister Didina. Although far older than me- my mother’s age- any encounters with sister Didina were nice, polite and full of mutual respect.

I was baptized in her bathtub followed by a nice feast in her living room, organized and assembled 100% by sister Didina. Even the bouquet of flowers after words was purchased by her, a personal detail that meant so much to me.

During our wedding, she let us borrow her paper fan to cool Chet off a bit, who was not used to the hot and humid weather of Romanian summers, or the lengthy church service.

It’s the small things that make a difference in one’s life and it’s people like sister Didina, that bring rays of sunshine in ones life:)

I’ll be forever grateful for people like sister Didina:)

God Bless:)

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