The Battle

Photo by Maria Pop from Pexels

Carmen, the coward! That’s what you are, you know. You’ve accomplished little in life. You’ve done nothing amazing. You’ve failed. Broken body, frail mind, weak spirit.

To pretend that we don’t deal with such mental or emotional attacks at any given time is irritatingly deceptive.

This was my morning today. This is what I woke up to today. This is what I was fighting today. This is the deception I was aware of today. This is what I believed in the past – at times I would like to think that was as early as yesterday. This is what fatigue in the body or mind, accumulated stress, a season of frustrating circumstances, a bad diet, too much sugar intake, a spiritual battle- beyond the visible world there is an invisible one most of us feel it-, other people’s abuse, political and socioeconomic issues bring us some days. Today was such a day for me.

This is how I handle it: I take it one step at the time, one second at the time, and I focus on the good things in my life- I have many positively wonderful things going on in my life worthy to focus on such as family, the birds singing outside and the fact that not only I can hear them but I can see them as well etc. I keep on moving, even if that means going for a walk. I also go down memory lane and see what I ate the previous day that could mess my gut harmony, pay attention to what exactly unsettles me inside. Do I need to forgive? Do I need encouragement? Do I need a hug? Do I need to focus on certain things that bring more meaning to my life? Do I need to write? Read? Meditate? Rest? Pray? What is my responsibility in shifting the negative self-hate in a realistic yet positive view of myself. Do I need help? Do I need to talk to a friend?

How do you handle such moments? What do you do to get through?

Today, the one that brought me up was Chet, other days I have Elizabeth. Listening to the way he sees me was wonderful. In his eyes I’m brave, hard working, fun to be with, get things done, the heartbeat of the family. How wonderful we seem to be through the eyes of those who love us:) How wonderful we must be through the eyes of God.

Maybe we spend too much time looking at ourselves through our self-critical points of view and not enough time seeing ourselves through the eyes of those who love us. I hope today you get a chance to see your value and worth through the eyes of those who love you. You’ll be better off that way:)

God Bless:)

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