Mica. We’ll miss you forever.

My daughter, Meleah’s small little cutie, passed away last night, at nearly sixteen years old. They’ve been together since Meleah was ten years old, and now, at twenty-four, she had to say goodby to one of her best friends. We’ll miss her prancing about, wagging her tail always so happy to see us. For such a tiny “Bean” as Meleah used to call her as a nick-name, she’s leaving a huge gap in our hearts.

Good-by dear Mica.

5 thoughts on “Mica. We’ll miss you forever.

    • Thank you, my dear, it sure is. I know you’re taking it one step at a time, how are you now? Does the summer is of help to you? I know I had heat intolerance, still do at times, but the sun helps my emotional/psychological levels. I’m so bad at talking to other bloggers, I really need to get better. Hope you have a good day today:)


      • Hi Carmen, how are you all doing? We lost one of ours 4 months ago and we still miss him daily. It’s so tough. I am doing a little better, thank you so much for asking. I just saw my LLMD yesterday and she wants to treat for a possible yeast infection in the gut. I’m hoping that helps, too. If not, back to antibiotics. We’ll see. I’ve been trying to be outside each day because like you, the sun helps! Ugh but the heat index has been like 106 here every day this week so far. How are you doing? I hope you have a great day as well! ♥️


      • Hi, after the graduation party for my son, and a panic attack the previous night from all the excitement, I feel like a slug now, tired, feverish, recovering. Those darn yeast infections! I get UTI’s more often than flash backs, so I get the frustration. I am waiting for a cure! A complete cure! So we can no longer suffer, in the meantime, I inform myself, search, read and try to stay positive. You go girl! Go beat that lousy yeast infection! And have a good day today:)


      • Ugh I’m sorry Carmen! Please take care of yourself and rest. It’s the worst to feel bad after something so fun. Congratulations on your son’s graduation! 🙂 Yes, I’m still hopeful that something will come along that will help us all have a better quality of life, for sure! I just can’t believe it hasn’t happened yet. Have a good day and I hope you feel a bit or a lot better today, friend.

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