the new iMac

My new iMac

Yes, I guess I am bragging, mostly because I’m so happy to have a fast computer! My old one was on a dial up like speed. I would have to wait up to a minute EVERY TIME I clicked my mouse and tried to open any window or browser. In computer world that’s thousands of years wasted. I simply had enough and got myself a new iMac, the mint/green version. And I love it! It’s SO satisfying to open the box and unpack everything! True, since Steve Jobs died Apple had some hiccups, but I’m hopeful they’ll fix them otherwise they’ll lose a fan. Their political takes and stands are already something I don’t care for, stick to making computers and phones, guys! But, as of today I still prefer Apple products over the alternatives.
On a different note we just got over the heat wave here in Seattle, with the highest hot day reaching 108 F. It’s been miserable but we survived it with smart planning. The cooling blankets from Amazon…are fabulous! Here’s a link for those of you that may care for one:
Heat intolerance and 100F weather does not mix well.
Keep cool and have a good day today.
God Bless:)

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