Two great Lyme documentaries- not ours- not yet

The second documentary coming soon!

Part of our documentary process is lots and lots of research. I came across these two amazing documents, the second one is not out yet, and I have two strong contradicting emotions after watching the trailer and the documentary:

  1. I love these documentaries (at least the one I saw but the trailer of the second one looks great as well) and there is so much great information shared in them.
  2. What the heck were we thinking doing a documentary! I feel utterly unprepared, and now I’m utterly scared. How am I going to handle this? Answer: Just keep going and do your best and your best will be good enough, Carmen. Yes, I do have to talk to myself like that, more often than you guys realize. This coming Saturday’s interviews will bring the expertise of two great biological dentist who specialize in removing amalgam fillings (mercury filled fillings). I’m looking forward to learn so much from them.
  3. Well…I’m not going to quit no matter how unqualified I feel in documentary making. The great response from people participating in it is so overwhelming to me (in a loving, great way) that I’m not about to quit on them or walk away from the the encouragement this may bring to others. Have a good and blessed day today. GodBless:)

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