English as a second language

Some of you will understand perfectly today’s post. For the rest, it will simply be a funny blog:)

In church this Sunday, singing while reading the words from a Hymn book, I kept cracking up at a few words, due to the miss understandings a second language can bring in one’s mind and vocabulary. Chet too began to giggle after I whispered as to what exactly these words, at a first glance, meant to me.

“The lamb upon his throne (not thorn, as I thought)

All hail, Redeemer hail (not hell, as I thought)

Let angels prostrate fall (not prostate, as I thought)-my favorite

Hallow be thy name (not hollow, as I thought)”

I had to look these words up on Google not to mess up this blog:)))))))

So you see, us folk that have -the English as a second language syndrome- see the world quite differently at times:)

Have a blessed day:)

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